Its our 2nd Birthday!

534 blog posts later and here we are celebrating our 2nd birthday. I launched this lovely little welsh wedding blog two years ago today and what a wonderful journey its been so far.

JZ0C6308Image of our new studio taken by Maria Farrelly Photography

There are so many things I love about this crazy little project. Firstly, I NEVER thought it would grow as fast as it has. I’m continulally blown away with the amount of positive comments it continues to recieve (one of my favourite being a lady that walked straight up to me at a wedding fair, gave me a massive cwtch telling me how much she loves the blog, that she’s found all her suppliers through it and hopes we’ll feature her wedding afterwards… of course we will!) Another was a message from Richard from Aurora to say he’d booked a wedding in Jamacia and the bride found him on this here blog! You can take a look at the wedding here:

Jules and Chris from Aurora Wedding Films on Vimeo.

BRILLIANT! I love that we are helping both couples & local businesses.

As our team grows and I continue to develop the blog, I look forward to the year ahead with some great things planned.

  • CWTCHFEST: We are organising Wales’ first wedding festival on Sunday 19th April.
  • LUSH LIST: An online directory of Wales’ finest wedding suppliers (Launching tomorrow eek!)
  • Our Studio: We’ve finally moved from my dining room into a new studio space and we LOVE it! (more details on this coming soon)


This cake was kindly made for us by The Little Cake Cupboard

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that has either worked with me on this blog, read one of our posts, shared one of our links, liked one of our images, booked a supplier we’ve recommended, submitted their wedding and invested in this. WE LOVE YOU ALL! (not in a creepy way… more a ‘come here and let us give you a massive cwtch’ kind of way).

An extra special thank you goes out to my girls… these ladies are super special to me and I’m so proud I get to work with them on this. Charlie, Anna, Sophie, Kate & Pippa. THANK YOU!

Lets celebrate!

Maria xxx

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