Real Wedding: Sam & Dan’s Vintage Floral Wedding by Maria Farrelly

Today we have the lovely vintage floral wedding of Sam and Dan who were married on the 27th April 2013. All images in this post were taken by Maria Farrelly Photography. We’ll also thrilled to be featuring the couples wedding film by  the talented Richard from Aurora too. Here’s the bride Sam to give you all the details behind her big day. Enjoy x 

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 074

What was your budget? 

We were very lucky to have saved a lot of money leading up the the wedding and my parents were both wonderful in supporting us too. We had just bought and renovated out first house which made it a little harder but the deal was Daniel paid for all things house related and I got to spend my savings on our wedding. We started out with a budget of £20,000 but we went over …. I was embarrased to admit that at first but now I’m less so because our day was perfect for us & it all worked out perfectly. I still honestly haven’t worked out how much over budget we went because it doesn’t really matter now. We had the prettiest, happiest & special day we could have wished for. I put so much planning in (a lot that my Daniel didn’t even know about) that I was awestruck on the day because everything I had imagined was there in reality.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 051

My only regret which Daniel laughs about is I wish if hired a vintage ice cream man! Nevermind I keep teasing that in 10 years we can renew our bows and have one then. He’s not falling for it yet mind.

How would you describe your wedding theme?

I love all things vintage and floral … So I guess I would call it vintage floral. I just loved all the research I did before hand & I was so lucky that all the vendors that I did involve totally understood what I wanted. I know vintage is a huge theme for weddings at the moment so I wanted to add my own elements in too – so my bridesmaids and I did a lot of craft work in the lead up to the wedding to make little touches that were perfect. I also roped in my nan & grampa who bless them spent days cutting out fabric triangles for my bunting. All those things made my day more special because people realised the effort we had gone to.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 027Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 094Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 053Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 090Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 096

We added a little bit of our quirkiness with our table names though – poor Rugby playing Dan had to get his stamp in somewhere or else he would have got some hassle from his team mates so we chose our favourite characters from films, books and tv and had them as our table names including a short blurb on their love story. My choices were the as expected … Elizabeth Bennett & Mr Darcy, Othello & Desdemona, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger (that was the top table – I am a huge Harry Potter fan). Dans were more along the lines of Hans Solo & Princess Leia, Aragorn & Arwen and Buffy & Angel.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 091 Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 088 Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 084

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

I genuine loved every minute of it, but two memories really stick out. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 5 years old so I can barely remember a time when they were both together with me. Both are happily remarried now & I have wonderful step parents but I still had the dream of going to the church with both of them accompanying me. I had not asked either of my parents beforehand and on the morning of the wedding as we walked to the car they both got in with me. It’s making me emotional writing about it but it was the most wonderful 25 minute car journey I’ve ever had. It was so surreal for me to be with two of the most important people in my world sharing wine gums as we made our way to the wedding. I will never forget that journey.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 034

My second memory happened right at the end of the day, I sat with my new husband on the furthest table from the dance floor and we just watched all of our friends and family and saw them all having a fabulous time and I was so overwhelmed. All Daniel & I wanted was a day which everyone enjoyed, our wedding was not just about us.  For us, it was about everyone who had shared in our memories up til now. It was so lovely to see.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 123 Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 127

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I am so lucky that I have a lot of really close friends, I had 6 bridesmaids, a maid of honour and I got to have a man of honour!. I could never have chosen between the bridesmaids, they are all so wonderful and so different. I chose my oldest friend Kirsty who was always going to be my bridesmaid since the days of playing “house” in primary school ( I was always the daughter and she was the mother, she still as wonderfully bossy and maternal now). Then I picked Jenna my friend from secondary school because she is always there for me when I need her & she gives the best advice. I met Kim & Cooki at University in Chester, where we studied nursing together they are the funniest girls and both so different, Kim is probably the most similar to me personality wise and Cooki and I have the same sense of humour. I then chose Kara who is the nicest, sweetest friend she is married to the bestman so are our closest couple friends so it was inevitable i’d pick her. We also had our beautiful neice Carys which was special for us both as she has grown up infront of us into a spectacular young woman.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 072

Then for the maid of honour .. Kerry is amazing, she is the most organised, helpful
And wonderful friend. She knows me perfectly and can tell you my reaction to things before I know what it will be myself, she is fiercely loyal and just all round lush!

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 010

Drew; my man of honour, is my oldest and dearest friend – we grew up together with our mothers as best friends showing us off in our prams. Drew and I have a wonderful relationship, we turn to each other when we need to and I love the sarcastic banter we have. We always said that if we reach 40 and were still single we’d marry each other – luckily we both have our own wonderful partners now.

Why did you choose your venue?

We wanted to find a venue that was different, we wanted to it to be beautiful but a relaxed atmosphere. My maid of honour; Kerry, recommended Oxwich Bay so I went to visit with my mother and step dad one Saturday while Daniel was playing rugby and I fell In love. The marquee was beautiful and the views second to none. The food in the hotel was yummy and who could turn down a beach as perfect as Oxwich Bay!

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 005Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 057Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 119


When I returned home, I was gushing about it and Daniel immediately agreed as he lost his Mother when he was a child and has memories of spending time with her there as a child. So from that moment we knew it was meant to be.

How did the proposal happen? 

Dan took me on holiday to Icmelar in Turkey during my Easter holidays from Uni. Those who know Daniel know he is a man of very few words – it’s all about quality not quantity when you get a conversation out of him. Anyway he took me to a restaurant on the harbour and I had a suspicion what was coming … The restaurant owners set up a table on a makeshift balcony which I was very concerned would break – neither of us are know for our athletic builds (hah). After the main course Daniel put a jewellery box on the table (unopened) and said “so, err Sam will you marry me then?”.
I just laughed and said “let’s see the ring first then”. I would have said yes anyway mind. The funniest bit was he made me promise to tell everyone else that he got down on one knee hah – oh well the secret is out now. Bless him!

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 066

What was your first dance & why?

We chose our actual song .. It’s not your typical first dance but it is a song we both love and it reminds us of each other. It was “I miss you” by Blink 182. We did try to find a more suitable song but we really couldn’t agree on a final choice so we thought – if it isn’t broke –why fix it?

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 125 Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 126

Funnily enough – we are big dance of the tv series Bones, and the main characters (who were also table names) just got married and their first dance was the same as ours – it makes it more perfect for us now.

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Erm …. I would have been on time at the church. I am now famous amongst our friends and family as I was over an hour late for our wedding ceremony, I still can’t tell you now why I was so late – everything seemed to be going to plan – laughable really. My bridesmaids know me inside out and did not mention the time because I would have had a meltdown if I had realised. I’m so glad they didn’t, everything was lovely and relaxed. Well for me but poor Daniel was pacing at the church. Apparently the guests were asking if he was worried and he just kept saying ” I knew she would be late & I know she’ll be here I’m just wondering what time.” Sadly I am known amongst my friends at being the late one – they always tell me the wrong time if we have any plans because I just can’t seem to adhere to times. It was quite apt that I walked down the aisle to “Etta James “At last” – that always brings a smile to my face.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 025Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 035Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 042

I was so lucky though because it could have been disastrous for the organisation of the day, Maria, our photographer was fab she managed to get all the pictures I wanted even in the reduced time, Samantha my wedding coordinator just rearranged things and Oxwich Bay just carried on to my new timeframe. Thank goodness we didn’t get married in our local church though the pastor there is very strict on timekeeping so she probably would not have married us. So I owe Howard our pastor at Mumbles Methodist Church a huge thank you!

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 045


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

I can’t remember who told me but somebody said that I should walk very slowly down the aisle, look up and take it all in. That was the best advice.

Oxwich_Bay_Maria_Farrelly 041

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Everything, I loved having total control and letting my imagination run wild. I would do it again in a heartbeat – I just adored searching magazines and the internet, snapping ideas and then sharing them with my mother & bridesmaids to have their input. I loved that my bridesmaids and I met up every Wednesday for weeks before the wedding and just looked at ideas and had a construction line making bunting, centrepieces and favours. It was just nice to spend so much time together.



The Wedding Film by Aurora

Samantha and Daniel from Aurora Wedding Films on Vimeo.

 The Wedding Album by Maria Farrelly Photography

Cwtch Approved Vendor: The Good Ship Lollipop

Today we wanted to introduce you to a very cool welsh-based wedding business called; The Good Ship Lollipop.

good ship lollypopStep away from the white candy cart and feast your eyes on this vintage delight!

image-5The Good Ship Lollipop is a travelling pop-up traditional sweet shop with a twist, available to hire for special occasions and weddings.

biz cards

Take a trip down memory lane as they provide all those treats we loved as kids.
snowballsAs well as sourcing some unusual yet very delicious alternative options too.

violette bonbonsThis is a great addition to your vintage styled wedding or if you just fancy that nostalgic twist to your big day. Either way, you and you’re guests will LOVE this.

weddingsBased in Cwmbran, The Good ship Lollipop cover South Wales and further afield.


We LOVED having them feature at our huge CWTCHMAS PARTY back in December. They were a big hit with our guests. If you’d like more information about them, pop over to their Facebook page and drop them a line. They are super friendly and highly recommended by us :)

Vendor logo copy

Review: Brides The Show, London

Hands up who went to a wedding fayre on Sunday? Did it inspire you? Did you find what you were looking for?

Cwtch the Bride was set up to inspire welsh couples planning their wedding. Whether it be in Wales or not. As a team, we love discovering new and established Welsh talent and introducing them to you via this blog. However, every now and then we do like to look further a field (dare I say it, outside Wales). And when most of these English, Irish, Scottish and international wedding professionals LOVE coming to Wales, it’s a bit rude not to include them occasionally.

So, you can imagine my delight when a few weeks ago, an invitation drops through my letterbox from the UK’s no.1 bridal magazine Brides, inviting me to visit the wedding industry’s most luxurious event ‘Brides The Show’ in London. I couldn’t resist.

Brides the Show

Brides the ShowNow, before I go any further. Brides the Show is not…I repeat…NOT a wedding fayre. There were no 6ft tressel tables with white table cloths in sight. This event featured some of the UK’s leading wedding professionals as well as an inspirational area for all those budding DIY brides.

So take a look around the show with me as I highlight some of the suppliers that really caught my eye! All images featured were taken by myself, Maria Farrelly Photography 


The show was buzzing with so many brides, bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom. It has to be said, there wasn’t a great deal of grooms-to-be or children present. But I guess if you plan to visit such an event in London, many of the women were on a shopping weekend and lets face it, not many men and kids enjoy that.


Check out the £5,000 Ian Stuart wedding dress the nation’s men told Brides Magazine they’d love you to wear. I’d wear it! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly152



Art with a Heart

This was a live auction that was taking place (up until 6th April) where you could bid on a one-off sketch by celebrities depicting their ultimate wedding dress. All in aid of the British Heart foundation.


Wales’ very own Julian McDonald was taking part too! Check out his sketch below.


This was one of my favourites. It was by Lulu Guinness and just the type of dress I love!


The Imagination Room

I loved this area and spent a lot of time checking out all the cool DIY ideas and watching the presentations. They ranged from making hair accessories, creating your own centrepieces, cookie Save The Dates…yes COOKIES! Plus LOADS more! I did join in with Always Andri Wedding design‘s workshop where I made some pretty cool paper flowers.



How cool would this floral frame be for a DIY photo booth? You could make one with paper flowers!


Or how about all these paper & floral decorations hanging from trees? Simple but so effective. You, your bridesmaids & friends could organise a cocktail and DIY afternoon. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly032Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly033Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly034Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly035Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly037


There were many interviews taking place in the sofa area. This gave brides-to-be the opportunity to pick up great tips and tricks from some of the industry’s leading professionals.



My Favourite Exhibitors!

The effort that had gone into all these exhibition stands truly blew me away.  I couldn’t help but stare at times. I loved the amount of detail each had put in. It proved to me this show was truly showcasing some of the BEST in the industry. It was an absolute pleasure to have spent time chatting with theses professionals. So next, I wanted to share with you those lovely suppliers I got to meet that completely wowed me.

By Appointment Only Design 

This was the first stand I saw as I walked in. NEVER have I seen a table centre as extravagant as this (and I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings over the years). I probably spent a good 20 minutes taking in all the details. Simply beautiful.







Ideas Box

Most of us would have seen the ice-cream cart at many wedding fayres. But I love how Ideas Box pushes this concept to another level. I am fond of a Pimms and although I hate cheese I was really impressed with the Cheese Tricycle. Both of these are perfect for any outdoor summer wedding.




I fell in love. As soon as I saw Lila’s stand, I couldn’t help myself. The detail in her work was incredible.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly065Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly061 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly062 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly063 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly064

The Meringue Girls

Speechless! I’d never seen a wedding cake like that before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours, the design, the whole damn thing.


They had an awesome selection of wedding favours available too. Why oh Why are these ladies not based in Wales?


Mary Jane Vaughan

This was my personal favourite! Mary Jane Vaughan oozed style, elegance and simplicity. My kind of professional!



Peach Blossom

This company offers some really pretty and stylish wedding products that can all be purchased online. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly074 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly075 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly076Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly078 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly079 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly080

Platinum Raspberry

When it comes to styling a wedding, many brides have an idea of a theme but don’t always know how to visualise it. Imagine finding a company that not only understood your vision but took it to the next level. let me introduce you to Platinum Raspberry. As a wedding photographer, part of my job on a wedding day is documenting all the details of the day. This includes the tables, favours etc.. When I saw this display I LOVED it! I could imagine how thrilled guests would be sitting down either table display. The creativity and effort was superb.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly081 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly082Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly084 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly085 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly086 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly087 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly088 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly089 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly090 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly091Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly094

Bobbi Brown

A great make up demo. You can see from the shot just how popular this was. Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly095 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly096 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly097

The Wedding Tree

This was a really interesting alternative to a guest book. Guests would write a message onto a wooden heart and slot it into the frame (from the top). By the end of the wedding, the frame would be filled and ready to hang on your wall. How fabulous! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly099 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly100

Raj Tent Club

Raj Tent Club is a company specialising primarily in the sale and rental of exquisite decorative Indian tents. They also offer a comprehensive range of furniture, lighting and accessories inspired by nomadic traditions from around the world.

Little Bevan

If you are planning an authentic vintage style wedding you will LOVE Little Bevan.  This award winning boutique designs mini luxe childrenswear for every special occasion: weddings,
christenings, birthdays…  Little Bevan Couture is designed exclusively and individually made at their Pimlico boutiqueLittle Bevan Star is their ready-to-wear collection, available in store and at our online shop. How cute is the outfit for the dog?! Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly118Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly120 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly121

Mega Booth

This company take the photo-booth idea to a whole new level. And yes…They will drive their Mini to Wales too :)

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly126 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly127 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly128


From unique, bespoke wedding table numbers to cute wedding favours, Bombus have some lovely accessories to complement your special day.Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly134 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly135Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly139 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly140

The Photo Emporium

Check out this amazing Airstream Photobooth by the photo emporium.



If you love macaroons then you will have heard of Ladurée.  If you haven’t, pop over to the website at least. Its super cute.

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly154 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly155 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly156

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Here it is…The upside down wedding cake! Hand on heart I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before! This four tiered beauty is real! It’s suspended and moves. My first question was…’How do you cut it for the traditional ‘cutting the cake’ photograph? ‘Carefully’ I recall was the most appropriate answer. It was certainly an inspiring show stopping piece.


The floral petals on these cupcakes were stunning. All edible too. Its seems wrong eat them haha but I bet they tasted incredible!

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly159Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly161 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly162

The catwalk show

So many beautiful and unusual gowns graced this catwalk. I’ve included some that really caught my eye and some that left me a little confused. Its fair to say we all have our own opinions on what makes a great wedding dress and here are some of the industries most inspiring designers. You be the judge. After all, as a bride to be, your the one that will be wearing one :)


Galia Lahav at Serendipity


Temperley London


Emma Hunt


Sheila Harding at Boa Boutique


Terry Fox at Boa Boutique


Ian Stuart


Maids to Measure


Zaeem Jamal


Berta Bridal at The Wedding Club


Temperley London


Katya Katya Shehurina


Ian Stuart


Ritva Westenius

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly188 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly189

Suzanne Neville


Elie by Elie Saab at The Wedding Club

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly191 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly192

Maids to Measure


Temperley London


Federica Bruno


Berta Bridal at The Wedding Club


Zaeem Jamal


Quintana Couture

Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly200 Brides_The_Show_Maria_Farrelly201

Ian Stuart

Wow, so there you go! A pretty epic show wasn’t it! I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did and that its helped inspire you in some way. x

Cwtch of the Week: Gina & Steff

Today’s gorgeous Cwtch of the Week belongs to Gina & Steff. Photographed by Cwtch the Brides very own creator, Maria Farrelly Photography.

gina&steffIf you have a particular photograph of a Cwtch that you’d like to see featured as our Cwtch of the Week,  email us at We’d LOVE to see it!


Real Wedding: Phillippa & Mark’s Relaxed Welsh Wedding by Lucy G Photography

Phillippa & Mark tied the knot on the 28th September 2013 at  LLansantffraed Court Hotel in South Wales. Huge thanks to Lucy G Photography for submitting these lovely images and to Phillippa for taking the time to answer our following questions. Phillie and Mark For Cwtch074

What was your budget? 

To be honest there really wasn’t one but I was determined not to fork out a lot for the day. I enjoyed creating the day instead of worrying about what needs to be spent. Hence why I decided to do alot of the wedding chores myself.

How would you describe your wedding theme?

I would describe it as vintage and quirky.  There was no set colour themes, no perfect flowers and nothing matched. Very rural and unique I guess.
Fruit kebabs with marshmallows for canapés, Afternoon tea for the wedding breakfast and fish n chips with mushy peas and baps for the evening which went down a storm.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch046Phillie and Mark For Cwtch013Phillie and Mark For Cwtch051 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch055 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch087What was your favourite part of your wedding?

There was not one favourite part, every part of the day was special and different in every way. A truly magical day full of tears, laughter with endless chatter and dancing that we will relive over and over again and again.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch033 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch080 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch111

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

My 5 ‘best ladies’ were chosen as they have been instrumental in my life for different reasons and to have them with me for my long awaited special day was the best gift I could give them and they could give me. The two best men on the otherhand are two very different souls both amazing in different ways that have been there to support and ‘groom’ me into the person I am today.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch029 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch040
Why did you choose your venue?

I wanted something quirky and vintage and somewhere that took my breath away when I entered its grounds. Somewhere that I loved and wanted to spend my special day. I came across this venue by chance due to getting lost looking for another venue and we both gasped as soon as we drove up the lane and new it was the one. It was perfect as it had enough rooms for us to stay and the plus side was we could get married there too.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch020

How did the proposal happen? 

We flew to Portals Nous, Mallorca to celebrate a couples wedding in September 2009 and booked to stayed for a holiday after the wedding to enjoy a nice sunny break before we came back to all the hassle and bussle of our busy life.

The views were amazing and my now husband wanted to see the sunset on Portals Nous beach, mallorca .We strolled down a very long steep hill (at the time I was in very high wedges so not impressed on his choice of direction) and came to the top of a cliff where you could see the sunset beginning to set. We found our way onto the beach, I slipped my shoes off to begin walking on the sand, when before I knew it he was on one knee!! I laughed and continued to, even when he was saying ‘will you marry me’ (nervous laugh?!), of course I said yes and still chuckled all the way through our ‘romantic stroll’.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch073

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I did my own flowers for the tables and best ladies, flower girls and my bouquet plus the best men button holes by going to my local flower market at stupid o’clock in the morning and spent just over £100 on my lovely purchases. It is ideal if you are not fussy on what flowers you want and then I placed them all together in a vintage, rugged, rural way that fitted the theme of my day.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch005 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch016 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch017 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch038 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch045I made my own guest book and card box from a picnic basket.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch059There is a lot of this you can ‘do it yourself’ to lessen the expense.

What was your first dance & why?

Well our first dance was our suprise to our guests. Unfortunaley my husband does have two left feet but he pulled it out of the bag for the wedding day. We had only practiced it twice due to time and work commitments and decided not to go ahead with the plan and just slow dance. This was still the plan until the nite when the DJ coaxed me to relisten to the music. I pulled my newly wedded husband underneath the stairs and said ‘we are doing it!’. “Doing what?” he said.  ”The dance!” and he just went the last minute we did it and it was the best surprise ever.  My mum sobbed all the way through it. All I can remember is people screaming and cheering!
We did a slow dance to begin ‘you and me’ from lifehouse and then the tempo changed into the pulp fiction song ‘you never can tell’ then struck a pose to ‘vogue’ which lead into the (famous fresh of prince of bel air dance with carlton) ‘jump on it’ finally ending with ‘bang bang’ leading back into our slow dance song….it was amazing and everyone though I had taught him to dance and we had practiced it…we danced for 10mins!

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch109 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch112 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch114 Phillie and Mark For Cwtch110

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nothing what so ever, it was a perfect day

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Don’t stress, what will be will be and just enjoy every minute.

Phillie and Mark For Cwtch036

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Finding/making unqie things to make my day even special and for people to fall in love with my day too (hopefully they did)



Photographer: Lucy G Photography
Videographer: Footage Fairy
Ceremony & Reception Venue: LLansantffraed Court Hotel
Bride’s Dress: Ronald Joyce
Bride’s Shoes: Debenhams bridal
Bride’s Headpiece: Veil was my sisters
Groom’s Outfit: TM Lewin 
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Best Ladies’ mango dresses/little flower girls; monsoon
Cake: made by the Bride’s Aunty Emma 
Flowers: By Bride and best lady Claire
Hair: By Bride
Make Up: By Bride

The Wedding Album