Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello lovelies. So we’ve compiled a small but (we feel) crucial list of wedding guest etiquette.  We’ve all been a little guilty of a couple in the past (ok, more than a couple), so we shall be taking note of these also…..

Wedding Talk - Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette


If the B&G have created a gift list, or registered at a store in particular, unless you’re going to go for a monetary gift instead, don’t stray from it! They have chosen items for a specific reason.  If there is no cheese board on the list, its not that they have forgotten, its that they don’t want one!

Plus one

Our rule at our wedding was ‘if you’re not in love, they’re not coming’.  The last thing I wanted was to have a face in our photographs whom none of us (even the guest who brought them) could remember!

If there isn’t a plus one written on the invite, they haven’t banked on your bringing one. Don’t make it awkward by calling them to ‘check’ they haven’t forgotten.

StationaryStationary by Love-Lee

If the children haven’t been included on the invite, they’re not invited. This is always tricky as kiddies are wonderful. But at the end of the day, if there are 25 children in total that could be invited, thats 25 friends and family that you can’t invite.  So if they’re not on the invite, treat it as a lovely day for you to enjoy just celebrating your friends, and not being on duty for a change.


For girls, its always been said that as a guest, you don’t wear white (or similar). I have to agree. Rocking up to a wedding wearing the same colour of the bride is a massive no no. I also find it a little odd when the mother of the bride wears a similar dress to their bride daughters!! Really!? You’ve had your day my love, now pipe down and stand back!

I have to say, the B&G shouldn’t have to stipulate what the attire should be on the day unless they are wanting a specific look, like black tie.  Its a wedding. You don’t roll up wearing leggings and flip flops.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new outfit, but you should definitely look smart for their big day.

Image by Maria Farrelly


Always send your RSVP back.  Being invited to a wedding a very wonderful thing and it was a decision that the bride and groom did not take lightly. It may have even meant that a member of the family isn’t coming because they would like you to instead. So don’t leave it to the B&G to chase you for acceptance. They are crazy excited about their big day, as well as stressed about the organising. The least you can do is make sure they know you’re coming.


Stock ImageRSVP RSVP

Here are are few more things to consider too:

  • Don’t be late! Running up just behind the bride as she is entering the venue to get married, and quickly scrambling to your seat, is pretty much a no no.
  • Be respectful during the service. If its not to your tastes, religious or otherwise, tough. Its the B&G’s day and this is what they chose.
  • Don’t go bonkers with social media! Just check before you go plastering the bride and groom all over Facebook etc. They may want to set up a private group where you can all add your photographs.
  • Don’t sit wherever you want. Planning the seating is a political nightmare! So just go with it, and sit where the B&G suggested, I guarantee there is avery specific reason you are where they have put you!
  • I’m saying this next with guilt in my voice, but don’t get too battered.  I did get a little too tipsy the other week and ended up falling over in front of people I don’t know. Not the end of the world, but if it goes too far, its just awful. Ive witnessed a brides dress get ripped by a drunken guest, and the bride get thrown up on, and its just grim. Don’t be the one they talk about after the big day!

Having said that..sometimes, getting tipsy with your friends can be great fun and just really funny (especially in a photo booth)

Behaviour Image by Maria Farrelly

So there you have it – some wise words there me thinks! Weddings are amazing days, we just need to bare in mind that as much fun as we’re going to have, for the bride and groom, its one of the biggest days of their lives. Lets not give them anything to worry about!

Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch

The lovely Melanie from Enfys Photography sent us over this gorgeous cwtch.  Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch is exactly what it says on the tin.  A fresh spring day with rain in the air, the lovely Melanie captured this shot before everyone got drenched!  Its just so gorgeous, full of love.  Melanie had the pleasure of also shooting Catherine and Terry’s engagement shoot.  
Cwatch The Bride - Cwtch of the Week Submission - Enfys Photography - 3
Over to Melanie to tell us more about the wedding day cwtch…..
Springtime Rain COTW
This beautiful cwtch was taken shortly after Catherine and Terry were done practicing their first dance outside of their reception venue, Fairwater Rugby Club, on their wedding day 30th April 2016. We had already battled a little bit of springtime rain and we only had another ten minutes or so before the reception guests were due to arrive.
I love this photograph purely because it shows a good old fashioned cuddle and you can clearly see the love Terry has for his beautiful bride.

Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch

Cwatch The Bride - Cwtch of the Week Submission - Enfys Photography - Resized - 2

This is just so lovey Melanie.  Those safe arms wrapped around his new wife- thank you for sharing – and congratulations Catherine and Terry! x



Real Wedding: Ben and Gwenno’s Farmhouse Wedding

Good morning you lovely lot.  Well we have a treat for you this morning. This gorgeous wedding of Ben and Gwenno, shot by the fabulously talented Paul Marbrook is just stunning. The dress, the flowers, the suits, the venue, the cow!! Its all so beautiful.  So sit back, and soak this all up…..


All images by Paul Marbrook

Real Wedding: Ben and Gwenno’s Farmhouse Wedding

What was your budget? 

We didn’t really set a budget and it evolved as we found out more about the wedding process. Obviously, this was something we hadn’t done before so didn’t want to tie ourselves to a strict budget not knowing what was actually realistic.

How would you describe your wedding theme?

Our theme was about making the day personal to us; we wanted every aspect of the wedding to be bespoke and didn’t want to include anything that didn’t mean something to the both of us. We decided quite early on in the planning that we wanted it to feel more like a celebration than a formal wedding and we tried to tie this through into the theme. It was our day and we just wanted to make sure that we enjoyed it.

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

It’s difficult to choose a favourite part of the wedding as the whole day was such a whirlwind. A lot of our friends and family live a long distances away so we really enjoyed being able to catch up with everyone that we love on the day.

If I had to choose a particular moment it would have to be when the male voice choir from Llangwm started singing as I walked down the aisle; it was an amazing way to start the wedding!

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I have never particularly been a girly-girl and at just over 5” 2, I was a bit daunted about the prospect of spending a full day feeling uncomfortable in an enormous dress. I began at a local boutique in Sale that specialises in vintage dresses as well as custom made new dresses. I wasn’t expecting to find anything quickly and decided to take my husband-to-be, mum and mother in law for their opinion as it was such a big decision. The shop was lovely and the dresses were beautiful but there wasn’t a ‘stand out’ dress that I immediately fell for; I liked elements of different dresses rather than falling for one in particular and decided to try a few other places before making a decision.

Following this we visited a more ‘traditional’ style shop and as soon as I put on a big gown I felt like a child dressing up in their mum’s clothing – this definitely wasn’t me and I could tell by the look on my husband’s face that he also didn’t recognise me!

This confirmed that my initial feelings were right and that we needed to go back to the first shop. All the dresses are handmade to order so luckily I was able to meet with the local designer and pick and choose which parts I wanted of each dress so I ended up with something completely bespoke. I decided to go for a knee length tea dress, partly for a less formal look and partly because my husband-to-be has a history of accidentally standing on brides dresses!

The dress was simple and perfect for what I had wanted, with a layered skirt and sweetheart top with lace overlay. I decided to buy a separate underskirt to wear for the evening party to give the dress a slightly different look.

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

The best man was Ben’s childhood best friend Andrew, and for the brides people I had three friends from University Alex, Amy and Jenny. I also had my two nieces Eryn and Lucy as flower girls.

Why did you choose your venue?

We looked at a lot of venues before finding the right one. We had a clear idea of what we wanted in our minds but it took us a while to find the place that fitted. The venue is an hour away from my parents house so it was a bit further then we would have liked to travel on the day but it was worth it for the right venue.

Tell us about your photographer

We were keen for the photography to follow the informal theme of the wedding and for something with a bit of imagination. We immediately fell for the work on Paul’s website that not only records but also captures the emotion and detail of the day. We liked his unusual and imaginative approach to photography, and that he was willing to try different things to capture the best shot. We had a pre-wedding shoot a few months before the wedding and this was invaluable to get us comfortable in front of the camera and to know what to expect. We were really pleased with the result and still can’t decide on our favourite shot of the day!

How did the proposal happen? 

The proposal didn’t quite go as Ben had planned; he had initially wanted propose at Styal Woods near Manchester because it’s somewhere that we used to go walking during our early years together. However, we are also both keen runners and on the day that he was going to propose I was adamant that we should run through the woods rather than walk. Understandably, Ben didn’t want to propose breathless and in full lycra running gear so he had to wait for another opportunity. Fortunately, the following week we had booked to go to Paris so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Ben knows that I would be mortified at a grand gesture at the top of the Eiffel tower or similar so he decided to organise breakfast in bed on our first morning. He hid the ring in a bag of croissants, expecting me to find it at which point he would propose. Unfortunately, I was quite hungry and completely missed the ring and started tucking into the croissants. After two failed attempts, he took the ring from the bag and of course, I said yes!

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

We were keen for every aspect of the wedding to have a personal touch and as we both work in a creative industry we wanted to be involved in the design and feel of all aspects of the day. We designed and hand drew all of our own stationary including invites, signage and table plans which we had printed at our local print shop.
We also decided to make our own naked wedding cake which reflected the informal theme and was very simple to make but also needs to be very fresh. I made 3 tiers of 4 cakes and inserted the dowels the day before the wedding, and gave a friend instructions on how to stack and decorate on the day. It just seemed like the easier option because we couldn’t access the venue the night before the wedding and didn’t want to worry about picking up or having a cake delivered on the day. I had a full practice a few months before which helped with timings and stacking the cake which was definitely worth it!
My mum is a keen gardener and we asked her to arrange the flowers on the day. We had a theme of using trees in our stationary design so decided to have a tree trunk base with three small pots of flowers on each table. My parents have a lot of antiques on the farm so we chose some glass bottles, milk churns and ceramic pots to hold the flowers.

We weren’t able to access the wedding venue until the day of the wedding as they had an event the night before so we ended up involving a florist that is a family friend to take the flowers to the venue and arrange on the morning so that my mum could enjoy the day rather than worry about arranging the flowers.
We also took some branches from a corkscrew hazel tree in our front garden and my dad worked with the florist to make it into a heart shaped feature to hang in the venue. It was a nice touch to the venue and we now have it in our bedroom as a reminder of the day.

What was your first dance & why?

Our first dance was Beloved One by Ben Harper, because it’s from an album that we listened to a lot when we first met so it reminds us of our first few months together.

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

When we booked the venue we didn’t think to check that we could set things up the day before, in hindsight this would have made the preparation a bit easier. Things worked out in the end but Ben and the ushers had a busy morning before I arrived putting the final touches to things!
I also should have given someone a list of timings and plans as there were a few things that we planned to do that we completely forgot about on the day.

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Try to take a few minutes to yourselves away from everyone else to appreciate what you have just done. We really tried to make decisions for ourselves rather than to please other people; this is your day so do whatever will make you happy, and most importantly – just enjoy the day and don’t worry if things don’t quite go as planned!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

By the time we married, we had already been together for a long time so not many people really gave us any advice. We both lead quite busy lives so I think the most important advice we received was to make time for each other.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Our favourite part was probably designing our own stationary. We carved our initials into a tree trunk that we had in our garden and took photos of it that became the background to the stationary and set the theme to the wedding. We couldn’t find a font that we were happy with so we ended up hand writing and scanning all of the text in both English and Welsh.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Paul Marbrook
Ceremony Venue: Plas Isaf
Reception Venue: Plas Isaf
Bride’s Dress: Case of the Curious Bride
Bride’s Shoes: Whistles
Bride’s Jewellery: Tiffany
Groom’s Outfit: Reiss / Ted Baker / Farah
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: House of Fraser
Cake: Home Made
Flowers: Family
Hair: Vicky Adamson
Make Up: Vicky Adamson
DJ: Red Rooster
Stationery: Bride and Groom made
Any Reception Decor/Props: Bride and Groom made
Transport: Family Friend 

The Wedding Album



This is just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Ben and Gwenno, and of course to Paul Marbrook for these beautiful images x

Alphabet Dating N, O, P, Q, R

When we got married, my husband and I knew we didn’t want to stop dating and after I heard about Alphabet Dating, I knew that this was for us. I suggest that you get creative. Not every date that you go on needs to cost the earth. Some of my favourite ones that I have done have actually been free. Remember this is a way to step out of your comfort zone, do things that you might not normally do. But most of all enjoy spending time together. 0540

Photo Credit: Maria Farrelly

Alphabet Dating N, O, P, Q, R


National Botanic Gardens of Wales

My husband loves our little garden. most of the plants that we have in it are edible. He has a total love for all the gardening shows and he can lose a whole weekend weeding, digging and watering our plants.

The beautiful National Botanic Garden of Wales, near Llanarthne in Camarthenshire, is a 568-acre parkland. It is a perfect place for us. When we got engaged we were in Cornwall and we had gone to the Eden Project. Its historic and futuristic buildings are breathtaking, The horticultural displays, flower meadows, the lakes and walks are out of this world and you can just get lost there.national botanicalPhoto Credit: National Botanic Garden

The Garden’s centrepiece is the Great Glasshouse designed by world-famous architects Norman Foster and Partners Inside the amazing tilted glass dome is a Mediterranean landscape dominated by a six-metre deep ravine. Rock terraces and sheer faces are cut by streams and waterfalls. A lake provides a humid habitat at the foot of the chasm. Visitors are able to experience the aftermath of an Australian bush fire, pause in a Spanish olive grove or wander through collections of fuschias from Chile.

There’s something for everyone at the Garden of Wales, from the peaceful surroundings of the Japanese Garden, its stream, tea house and cherry trees to the surround-sound experience of Theatre Botanica with its specially commissioned film celebrating the world of plants. There are lakeside walks and prairie walks, an opportunity to see the development of the unique Double Walled Garden and be some of the first to see the shoots that will become the Woods of the World in years to come. I think you will agree with me that it is a beautiful place to spend the day. med gardenPhoto Credit: National Botanic Garden


Ogmore By Sea

Ogmore-by-Sea is one of the prettiest beaches that I have ever set foot on. It stretches for what seems like forever. It is part of the Glamorgan Coastal Path so it is a great spot for walkers. Starting at Merthyr Mawr, you’re also just a small bridge and short walk away from the stunning ruins of the Norman Ogmore Castle and its 52 stepping-stones across the Ogmore river.  Locals believe that the stones were laid for a girl who lived in the castle and used the stones to meet her lover across the river.  Continue walking along the river making sure you keep away from the sheep. (They scare me.) One you make it to the beach time to start the fun part. The rocks exposed along the stretch of coast near Ogmore-by-Sea were laid down between 340 and 195 million years ago. The oldest rocks are hard, grey limestones that make up the Carboniferous Limestone.These were laid down in a warm, shallow, subtropical sea and are rich in fossils, especially corals, crinoids and brachiopods. So why not take some time to do a fossil hunt. Southern Down beach also has a wealth of fossils so if you want to extend the walk you can continue on to there. My favourite part of this date is after the long walk you can unpack a yummy picnic, settle down with a glass of bubbly watch the sun set.Ogmore_on_sea_maria_farrelly_05Ogmore_on_sea_Maria_Farrelly_03

Images Courtesy of Maria Farrelly 


Penderyn Whisky Tour

This tour was not up my street but my husband on the other hand really wanted to go. It has a brilliant history about a group of friends who back in the early 1990’s drank in a small pub and chatted about establishing the first whisky distillery in Wales in over a century. They dreamt of creating a whisky as pure and precious as Welsh gold, represented today by Penderyn’s ‘gold seam’.barman-pouring-happy (1)Photo Credit: Welsh Whisky

The friends chose the historic village of Penderyn on the southern tip of the Brecon Beacons, because of the site’s own supply of fresh natural spring water. They also had a unique copper single-pot still designed by Dr David Faraday, a relative of the great 19th century scientist Michael Faraday.

Penderyn Distillery opened its doors to visitors in June 2008 with the launch of its new purpose designed and built Visitor Centre. The distillery is the only one in Wales and the first to legally distil whisky spirit in the country for more than 100 years.  Take a journey through the history of single malt whisky making in Wales, and understand the distilling process at first hand.visitor-centre-barrel-endsPhoto Credit: Welsh Whisky


Quad Biking in Glasfyrn Parc

Though I myself have never actually been quad biking our lovely creator Maria has. While four months pregnant she decided to go with her work on a team building exercise. She hadn’t yet informed anyone at her job that she was pregnant and being the determined soul that she is, she set out to win! She was doing really well overtaking left, right and centre. Everyone started waving at her and trying to call her over. She thought it was because they were sore losers. That was until she got flagged down by the owner to inform her she was dragging half a tree underneath her quad bike!

quadPhoto Credit: Glasfryn Parc


Roman Legion Museum

My husband and I love history. Being South African I am still learning about British history and my husband is a complete history buff. He has a way to help me understand which I thank him for.  I didn’t realise that Wales was the furthest outpost of the Roman Empire. In AD 75, the Romans built a fortress at Caerleon that would guard the region for over 200 years. Caerleon was one of only three permanent fortresses in Roman Britain. The museum lies inside what remains of the fortress. The ruins include the most complete amphitheater in Britain and the only remains of a Roman Legionary barracks on view anywhere in Europe.roman-gardenPhoto Credit: Museum Wales

There is also the most beautiful Roman Gardens. The Romans were one of the first people to use gardens for decorative purposes, they were considered outdoor rooms – an extension of the house – just like many of our gardens today. The perfect place to entertain guests, relax and unwind. Today, the museum still use gardening and horticultural techniques which the Romans established 2,000 years ago, from turning soil in the autumn and mixing compost, to hoeing beds and sowing seeds in spring. My husband will love this. We aren’t at the letter R yet so this is in the bank for when we do.

This is also a perfect place to go on a family date as at weekends and school holidays, children can step back in time in a full-sized barrack room, try on replica armour and experience the life of a Roman soldier.

Did I mention that this is free entry.WNS_Caerleon_Re-enactment_06Photo Credit: Museum Wales


Colour Inspiration: Pistachio

Hello my lovelies. My chosen colour this time could be seen as a bit obscure. I have had a love for this colour ever since I bought bed sheets in my second year in uni in 1998. They just cheered me up no end, and made my room feel like a lovely place to be.  Which was just as well as it helped me get over the many hangovers (weekly), slugs on the carpet (almost daily – bleurgh), broken hearts (fortnightly) and occasional stranger asleep in the living room with a severe lack of hygiene (monthly). 

But putting aside some serious questions I should’ve been asking myself nearly 20 (20?! Holy hell!) years ago, I need to show you why this will just add that bit of gorgeous colour to your wedding you may be searching for….

Colour Inspiration Pistachio Banner

Colour Inspiration: Pistachio

Pistachio Hydrangeas 

Pistachio HydreangasImage from Google

Oh blimey i do so love hydrangeas.  We had them all over the shop at our wedding, in fact my bridesmaids had just a bouquet made up of white hydrangeas. They are just so delicate and pretty, and the green in the them is just perfect to go with a pistachio.

Pistachio Macarons (

Image from An Edible Mosaic

Before I even start to talk about how gorgeous these look, I need to tell you what they actually are.  Pistachio Macarons with Rose Buttercream!!! I mean, wow! Without even trying one, I can I pretty much guarantee I could eat about 70 of them.

Eating them aside, the combination of colours here are just delightful. Imagine a table full. Loads of trays, full of these gorgeous looking, delicious sounding delights!

Ok. Im back to eating them.

Pistachio Bridesmaid from Debenhams

Debut Pisachio BMaid

Pretty pretty prettiness! The drop of this is so lovely, as well as the neckline being so flattering.  This dress would suit pretty much anyone, but in this colour, its even more lovely.  Debenhams have this gorgeous dress by Debut for £99.

Pistachio Rose Cake

Image by Chris Alack

Yes yes yes, I know I have already talked about cake, but this is a bigger cake, and who doesn’t love having two lots of cake!?  You can find the recipe for this wondrous looking cake on the Daily Mail website. Look how lovely its is!

Converse – Office

Pisachio Cons (,21:2452066601)

Apart from the fact that these are awesome, more and more brides are opting for the casual converse look under their gorgeous gowns. There are many a reason behind this, but for me, it would be comfort (obvs) and to be able to dance dance dance until the wee hours without losing feeling in any of my toes. Office have these for £56.99.

Pistachio and Peach Shades Bouquet from Walnut and Willow

Pisachio and Peach Flwoers (Walnut and Willow)

Look at this most delicious looking floral arrangement! More flowers, I know, but the very clever Lola from Walnut and Willow has put together such a breathtaking arrangement here, with the most delightful mixture of colours (including the little pistachio elements), that I needed to show it off! And look how gorgeous the pistachio goes with peach! Just saying!

To sum up, what should, on paper, be a little bit of an odd choice of colour, when you see it in ‘bridal action’, I think you would agree the it really is such a delightful colour.  Not only does it make the most excellent colour for cheering up an otherwise depressing student accommodation bedroom, but this is surely a must for any wedding! x