Real Wedding: Bethan & Laurie’s Glamping Country Wedding in Pembrokeshire

Bethan & Laurie had a fabulous three day wedding celebration with glamping at Laurie’s parents’ campsite in Pembrokeshire in June last year, their gorgeous happy day was photographed by Lisa Paige-Smith and David J Welsh. We asked Bethan some questions about their big day and here she is to tell us all about it!


What was your budget? Our budget was around £18,000. This was made up of generous gifts from our parents and some money that we managed to save ourselves after having bought our first home together in March last year! We also made the most of having extremely talented and generous friends and family who all added something that money can’t buy to the whole experience. _A6N0199-733-119_A6N0046-17-837 _A6N0128-306-488

How would you describe your wedding theme? We didn’t want to have a theme as such as we just wanted a relaxed feel to the day. The aim was to make it a bit like having a lot of friends over for dinner. Some elements we knew we definitely wanted such as a country wedding – I was intent on wearing my wellies at some point during the day! Whilst we both live in London our hearts belong to the Pembrokeshire countryside and we were really keen to have the wedding reception on Laurie’s parents’ farm near St David’s. This meant a certain level of informality and that could be seen for example in the way the flowers were arranged, all in different vases bought from charity shops. _A6N0251-344-447 IMG_2205-566-239

We both went to the same international school, Atlantic College near Cardiff and as a result had a lot of people travelling from overseas. Pembrokeshire is not always the easiest place to get to at the best of times so we knew from the outset that we wanted to make it into more than one day. Therefore, we chose to have the wedding on a Friday which meant that our guests could also enjoy a whole weekend making the most of what Pembrokeshire has to offer. We also borrowed a few ideas from our American friends including throwing a big dinner the night before the wedding. A lot of guests were camping at the reception venue – we arranged for Cariad Canvas to set up some bell tents for glamping. We cooked a mound of chilli and rice for the night before so that everyone could spend some time catching up and getting to know each other before the day itself. That was definitely one of the highlights. Saturday was spent at the beach for those of us whose hangovers allowed it followed by pizzas fired in the pizza oven and project managed by Francesco our friend from Rome – all very authentic! DSCF4399-450

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Where to start! We went down to the farm the weekend beforehand and spent the week getting ready. Lots of family and friends joined us to help including the best man who flew in from the USA on the Friday before the wedding. The shared experience of getting everything ready for the day was really special and made it feel like it lasted a lot longer. In terms of the day itself, my favourite part was the drive from the church to the farm. My dad lent Laurie and I his little sports car and we drove ourselves home. It was really nice to have that time together to let it all sink in a bit. We also managed to drive through a spectacular downfall into glorious sunshine which was pretty memorable – luckily we put the roof up before the rain hit! _A6N0925-249-582

Tell us about your Wedding Dress In all honesty, I had never really given much thought to what wedding dress that I would like to wear before going shopping for one for the first time. The only stipulation that I had was that I didn’t want a strapless dress. My first shopping trip was a real treat with my sisters and my mum. We went to a couple of stores in London and made a real day of it with afternoon tea at Sketch and then a nice dinner in the evening. Unfortunately, none of the dresses I tried on that first trip were for me. I also had no idea about the timescales involved. We married in June and I was trying on dresses in late December to be told that I would pretty much have to make up my mind there and then if I wanted any of them. That definitely helps to focus the mind! Our second shopping trip was more successful on the purchasing front. I went to David’s Bridal in Westfield, Stratford. It is an American chain and this is their first store in the UK. What I liked about it was that it had a very relaxed approach to trying on dresses. Their dresses come in a number of sizes in the shop so you get a better idea of what fits and you are also able to take photos which is a no no in a lot of places. The mirrors are placed in the centre with the dressing rooms around the edge which might not be for the more private among us but I really enjoyed watching the other girls trying on dresses and seeing what they looked like on. It gives you a much better idea of what you do and don’t like. When you find ‘the one’ they give you a bell to ring and everyone cheers. It’s definitely a fun way of going shopping! The dress that I chose was from Vera Wang’s White collection. It ticked all the boxes of covering my shoulders, looking elegant but at the same time being a bit different, having a country feel and pockets! I really enjoyed wearing it all day and into the night when the heels were swapped for wellies! _A6N0364-79-765_A6N0221-338-455

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? We had quite an entourage for our wedding. I had three bridesmaids: Laurie’s eldest sister, Beatrice and my two younger sisters, Verity and Angharad. They were all fabulous and very involved in the whole process and I couldn’t have asked for better bridesmaids. Verity was the Maid of Honour and did a fabulous job. I am not sure she will forgive me for asking her to make a speech at the reception but I am extremely glad that she did. She managed to capture the highs and lows of sisterhood perfectly. I also had four perfect flowergirls, my two cousins Poppy and Phoebe and our nieces Elsie and Kaya. They were also very good and Poppy was the star of the show in the church with her reading from the Velveteen Rabbit. A hard act to follow! IMG_1957-357-419 IMG_2177-557-250IMG_1704-133-706 IMG_1824-226-603 Laurie’s best man was our very good friend from school, Chris, who now lives in Boston. I think that was also a pretty easy choice as they have been really close since we were 16. Laurie was Chris’ best man at his wedding in Massachusetts in 2012 and I think he wanted to repay him the favour/responsibility. Chris was an absolutely fantastic best man. He came a week early to help us get ready and really got stuck into it all.
The other ushers were Laurie’s two brothers Henry and Jamie and three other boys from school: Aly, Francesco and Sait. They all live in different countries and all came over early to help us sort ourselves out. It was amazing being able to spend time with everyone before and after the wedding day as the day itself all goes so quickly.  _A6N0143-714-133_A6N0226-743-109

Why did you choose your venue? We got married in St Mary’s in Newport, Pembs as we wanted a church wedding and I was keen to leave from my parents’ house in the town. The venue for the reception was quite simple: Laurie’s parents run a campsite on their farm and it is the perfect venue for a party. It is set in a beautiful part of the county and is amazingly well managed. It also came with pretty much all of the facilities to allow us to have 150 people on the site comfortably. We weren’t keen on having a marquee to begin with but when we looked into how much it would take to decorate the barn we realised that a marquee was the best option and actually it worked out perfectly. The guys at Dingle Marquee were brilliant and did a great job of putting the marquee up and setting it all out ready for us to decorate. _A6N0670-581-224 _A6N0852-624-194 DSCF4378-475 I am a bit of a control freak and like having a big project to manage. One of the major benefits of holding the reception on the farm was that we could have complete control over all of the key decisions. For example, we sourced the wine through a friend from Bristol and the catering and waiting staff were provided by Strawberry Shortcake who were nothing short of amazing. The florist was my hugely talented friend Polly Le Vaillant who is just starting her own business. I cannot recommend her highly enough, each arrangement was slightly different and really made such a difference to the marquee.
The amount of compliments that I had during and after the day were a testament to the brilliant job done by everyone. _A6N0514-107-734 _A6N0982-275-508

How did the proposal happen? We were on holiday in Greece with my sisters and another friend. Unbeknown to me, Laurie had blackmailed at least one of them into coming with the promise of a proposal which didn’t happen until quite late into the holiday. Laurie had a hard job of getting the other girls to disappear for long enough to do the deed but eventually at about 2 o’clock one morning he managed it. We went to sit and have a drink in our usual spot. I had no idea what was happening as I was staring at the stars for so long while he was waiting on bended knee that he eventually gave up on that and told me to sit down next to him. Then he popped the question. Unfortunately, I am not sure my reaction of laughter was quite what he was looking for but eventually he got an emphatic yes from me and was greeted early the next morning by some very excited sisters jumping on his bed!  IMG_2268-668-172_1

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? We saved on decorations by simply relying on the flowers to do most of the talking. However, we did have DIY pompoms made from tissue paper which were really effective and extremely cheap to knock-up. The table plan was also home made from some odds and ends of wood, clothes pegs and a marker pen. _A6N0259-366-412

Hat holders were made using ribbon, safety pins and clothes pegs. My sister made my veil which was perfect. I had no idea how much it cost to buy one and how cheap and easy it is to make your own. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to wear a veil. The piece de resistance was a home-made photo booth which was Laurie’s idea. It was something we were really keen to have but we didn’t want to spend lots of money on it. The booth itself was made by making a wooden frame which we lined using cheap white bed sheets. We then downloaded a photo booth app onto an iPad and fixed it to the frame. Cheap lights stuck in the booth and some pound shop props completed the project and we managed to get some fantastic photos that everyone can share as we were able to quickly upload them all to Facebook. It really was a hit with everyone.
We had so many people helping us the week before that it really made the whole run-up to the wedding an event in itself and on the day it was great to point out the different elements such as home-made cupcakes. In our speech we had a very long list of thank-yous to get through! DSCF4419-434

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was ‘Friday I’m in Love’ by the Cure. When we sent out the invitations we asked our guests for song suggestions which we then compiled into a play list for the evening. This was one of the suggestions and as soon as we saw it, given that we married on a Friday, we just thought that was the one. _A6N0278-760-80

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? It was all such a fantastic experience I don’t think there is anything significant that we would have done differently. Some of the things we planned didn’t happen the way they were meant to or at all in some cases. However, I think we were quite good at just letting the day unroll and didn’t worry about the details once it was too late to do anything about it. The prosecco helped. _A6N0062-293-496 DSCF4539-231

Do you have any advice for future couples? Don’t focus all your efforts on the wedding day itself. Getting married is the beginning not the end of a process. _A6N0886-231-598

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? Have fun!

_A6N0113-301-492_A6N0819-189-646 DSCF4555-191IMG_2375-811-22 _A6N0381-792-49

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? I really enjoyed the whole process. However, the most amazing bit for both of us was finding out how lucky we are to have such generous and talented friends and family and also for being able to get married in our favourite place in the whole world. DSCF4376-476 For Card-464 For thanks 2-468

The Suppliers

Photographer: Lisa Paige-Smith and David J Welsh
Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Newport, Pembrokeshire
Reception Venue: Ty Parke Farm Camping
Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang White at David’s Bridal, London
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Headpiece: Veil – made by my sister, Verity.
Bride’s Jewellery: A very good friend lent me her necklace which matches my engagement ring perfectly. I also borrowed some pearl earrings from my mum.
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros, Cardiff
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Also Vera Wang White from David’s Bridal – the first dresses they tried on!
Cake: Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we had a cheesecake made from Welsh cheeses supplied by our caterers, Strawberry Shortcake. In addition, my sister, Angharad is a butcher and as our wedding present she bought us a huge pie from the Ginger Pig. This served as evening food too and was very popular!
Flowers: Polly Le Vaillant 
Hair: Emma Price from Andrew Price in Camarthen  
Make Up: Jennifer Mills
DJ: Dave Philips 
Stationery: Geni Printing in the Chew Valley  
Caterers: Strawberry Shortcake  
Any Reception Decor/Props: All homemade
Transport: We drove ourselves back from the church in my dad’s sports car

The Wedding Album

_A6N0020-8-847 _A6N0041-13-841 _A6N0045-15-839 _A6N0046-17-837 _A6N0062-293-496 _A6N0065-294-495 _A6N0067-21-833 _A6N0099-29-825 _A6N0108-31-823 _A6N0113-301-492 _A6N0127-35-819 _A6N0128-306-488 _A6N0140-713 bw-134_A6N0141-37-817 _A6N0143-714-133 _A6N0151-315-479 _A6N0163-720-130 _A6N0170-321-473 _A6N0183-725Filt-125 _A6N0199-733-119 _A6N0221-338-455 _A6N0226-743-109 _A6N0237-342-454 _A6N0251-344-447 _A6N0259-366-412 _A6N0278-760-80 _A6N0290-69-779 _A6N0307-770-71 _A6N0331-75-769 _A6N0344-76-768 _A6N0357-78-766 _A6N0364-79-765 _A6N0366-787-55 _A6N0379-791-50 _A6N0381-792-49 _A6N0385-83-759 _A6N0386-421-369 _A6N0452-93-748 _A6N0460-95-746 _A6N0511-474-324 _A6N0514-107-734 _A6N0544-113-728 _A6N0589-503-297 _A6N0590-126-714 _A6N0599-127-713 _A6N0611-132-707 _A6N0626-137-702 _A6N0647-143-694 _A6N0670-152-683 _A6N0670-581-224 _A6N0702-590-220 _A6N0729-160-672 _A6N0755-165-667 _A6N0817-615-203 _A6N0819-189-646 _A6N0831-619-200 _A6N0839-196-639 _A6N0852-624-194 _A6N0885-631-192 _A6N0886-231-598 _A6N0925-249-582 _A6N0948-257-571 _A6N0956-269-518 _A6N0961-271-512 _A6N0982-275-508 _A6N0992-276-507 DSCF4128-801 DSCF4133-789 DSCF4145-784 DSCF4151-772 DSCF4163bw-763 DSCF4247-554 DSCF4261-549 DSCF4358bw-516 DSCF4366-511 DSCF4376-476 DSCF4378-475 DSCF4382-472 DSCF4395-451 DSCF4399-450 DSCF4400-449 DSCF4419-434 DSCF4495-317 DSCF4514-266 DSCF4521-247 DSCF4525-245 DSCF4539-231 DSCF4540-229 DSCF4555-191 DSCF4630-54_A6N0003-656-178 DSCF4666-17 For Card-464 For thanks 2-468 IMG_1584-53-799 IMG_1592-57-794 IMG_1605-65-783 IMG_1618-71-777 IMG_1632-72-776 IMG_1649-103-738 IMG_1667-114-727 IMG_1668-120-720 IMG_1671-121-719 IMG_1694-130-709 IMG_1704-133-706 IMG_1722-149-686 IMG_1733-156-676 IMG_1742-164-668 IMG_1750-171-662 IMG_1753-172-661 IMG_1760-176-657 IMG_1777-201-633 IMG_1789-208-627 IMG_1794-211-623 IMG_1802-215-617 IMG_1806-218-614 IMG_1817-223-608 IMG_1824-226-603 IMG_1868-262-541 IMG_1890-267-522 IMG_1934-349-429 IMG_1957-357-419 IMG_1973-363-415 IMG_1977-368-410 IMG_1990-380-402 IMG_2039-424-366 IMG_2050-442-351 IMG_2065-456-334 IMG_2106-527-279 IMG_2177-557-250 IMG_2205-566-239 IMG_2268-668-172 IMG_2268-668-172_1 IMG_2375-811-22 IMG_2393-816-16

DIY Welsh Cake Wedding Favours

Samantha from Naturally Crafty is back today with her easy peasy step-by-step guide to making DIY Welsh Cake wedding favours, these are perfect favours for a Welsh wedding- home made and delicious!


To make the Welsh cakes you will need:

225g self-raising flour
1 teaspoon mixed spice
75g caster sugar
110g unsalted butter
100g mixed dried fruit
1 large egg
A large bowl
Wooden spoon
Frying pan.
6cm circle cutter

Step 1
Sift the dry ingredients together.

Step 2
Rub in the butter until the mixture is crumbly.

Step 3
Add the fruit and mix thoroughly.

Step 4
Add the egg to the mixture.

Step 5
Mix into a firm dough. If its too dry, add just a spot of milk. If it’s too sticky add a touch of flour. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to about 8mm thick.

Step 6
Use the cutter to cut the dough, re-rolling the trimmings until all the dough is used.

Step 7
Lightly grease the pan with sunflower oil. Heat the pan over a medium heat and cook the Welsh cakes for about 3 minutes on each side. They should be fairly brown and crisp on the outside but don’t cook them too quickly as they need to cook inside too. If they are browning quickly turn the heat down.

Step 8
Allow the welsh cakes to cool but when still slightly warm dip into caster sugar.

Your Welsh Cakes are now ready…

You can present your welsh cakes in a variety of ways including glassine bags and cellophane bags as pictured. Tie bags with twine or ribbon and add personalised tags.

If you would like any of the templates for the tags just get in touch. Happy Baking!!!



Vintage Inspired Wedding Favours from The Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride Sophie has been exploring the tradition behind giving wedding favours and has found some beautiful vintage inspired favour ideas…

The tradition of giving wedding favours

Favours have been given to guests at parties and weddings for many, many years. The tradition of the favour is an extremely old one, originating in Europe. Aristocrats would present their fancy party guests with boxes, often embellished with gems and jewels containing sugar cubes. Sugar used to be extremely expensive and was considered a complete luxury so to be presented with a favour like this was such a treat!

As sugar became affordable, favours (or bonbonnieres) evolved. Have you ever been given sugared almonds as a favour before? I know I have and it was only through researching this post that I discovered why! Traditionally, five sugared almonds should be presented in a small box or bag tied with ribbon. The five almonds represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness and the almonds themselves, teamed with the sweetness of the sugar symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage. How lovely is that?! They also happen to be super cheap so if you want tradition on a budget this is surely favour perfection!

However, I feel that (especially in recent years) favours have evolved again. You brides and grooms are more creative than ever and the development of social media means there is more inspiration at your finger tips than ever before! **cough cough PINTEREST cough**

We chose to give small jam jars filled with tiny rhubarb and custard sweets topped with mismatched floral fabric. They were easy to make, cheap and they looked really effective on the tables with the mismatched china. However, I do wish we’d perhaps put more thought into what people would want as we were left with a lot of jars of sweets at the end of the night! Needless to say our dentist wasn’t happy at our next check up

I’ve put together a selection of my favourite favours out there. A lot of these are vintage-inspired but even those that aren’t can easily be adapted.

This is my personal favourite. I’d fill it with five sugared almonds

I love the idea of books as wedding favours!

Or a Mix-Tape (OK Mix-CD)

Who doesn’t love Popcorn?

And last but not least favours for a winter wedding- vintage Christmas baubles.

What did you choose or what do you have planned? Have you received a spectacular favour you’d care to share? Will you be making your own favours or will you be calling on help or paying someone to provide them? Do you think favours are a terrible waste of money and will you be donating to charity or using the money saved for something else? I would love to know!

Till next time, enjoy this glorious sunshine!

Sophie x

Bride to Be Diary: Claire has her Hen Party!

Our lovely bride to be Claire announced to us all last month that she has a bun in the oven so with this in mind she needed to have a bump friendly hen party! She decided to break the rules and go somewhere where no hen’s are allowed… here she is to tell us all about it!


No boys allowed…

So cwtchers, we’ve got to that point in the wedding planning when the hen party has come around! The countdown to the C&C wedding really is now on! A bit like wedding choices, I think that hen parties are a huge personal choice and each bride to be will have entirely different views on what they want and expect from their hen party. For me, even before baby Double L had been in the picture, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I wanted the whole ‘go away for the weekend, drink as much as you can with a stripper thrown in for good measure” type of party. For one, I knew that I wanted my mother to come on the hen weekend and, as game for a laugh as she is, I just couldn’t picture her enduring a weekend of alcohol induced craziness! Also, I just wanted a weekend when I got to spend time having a laugh and a giggle with girl friends who mean the most to me… In the case of my best girls and me, any sign of a stripper would leave us running for the hills! So, on my hen weekend, the closest we got to a stripper was this virtual beauty…


My sister got married just under two years ago and her hen weekend was in Center Parcs… Sorry Center Parcs, I know the smallprint says “no hen parties” but we broke the rules! It was a brilliant weekend and was everything I wanted my own hen party to be so after much weighing up of other options, I decided that we would be rule breakers again and get booking to return to what most people would probably view as an unconventional hen party destination… Center Parcs Longleat Forest was going to be hit up by one hen and her ten chicks!


My hen weekend was originally booked for a weekend in the middle of May but, with Baby Double L due to make an appearance on June the 3rd, I was gently persuaded by my friends who had children of their own to move the weekend forward as I would probably not be feeling completely up to getting in the swing of the party mood at 37ish weeks pregnant! So, upon much deliberation on dates, we decided that the weekend would be moved forward to coincide with my birthday weekend… Double celebrations!

We arrived at Center Parcs on a Friday, I was presented by my girls with a bag of goodies in a “bride to be” bag which consisted of, amongst other things, a “willy whistle,” pink feather boa, veil and bride to be glasses… Obviously, all these have to be worn at the same time for maximum Elton John esque effect!


In the comfort of our own lodge, we ordered a takeaway and played some hen party games which involved a “Mr and Mrs” quiz and also a “stick the junk on the hunk” game! As I couldn’t down any shots as forfeits, my lovely sister had dreamed up the idea of making me eat food that I absolutely hated in their place – cue cold rice pudding from a tin… Eeeeeewwwwww!


Saturday coincided with the last Wales six nations game against Italy so we ventured out to the sports bar and plonked our bums on some sofas to watch the game.


This was followed by an outing on the boating lake in a katakanu… I don’t think Center Parcs had seen anything quite like ours before! Six girls, one who’s pregnant and two wearing  fur coats with life jackets over the top, attempting, badly, to co-ordinate a six person pedalo around the lake!


We topped off Saturday night with a meal and some more games then spent Sunday morning in the Pancake House followed by a trip to the sub-tropical dome, where we spent most of our time gossiping in the outdoor Jacuzzi. For good measure, just in case we hadn’t consumed our own body weights in food over the weekend, we finished off Sunday night with a pizza… By this point, I was officially in a food coma and was just about able to string a sentence together!

My hen weekend might not have been the wildest in history but it was everything I wanted… a lovely weekend with my mother, sister, best girls and girlfriends and, in view of “my condition,” it’s probably best that I decided on Center Parcs after all… a pregnant hen, dancing on tables in Ibiza, stone cold sober is not a good look!

You’ll know by now from my previous posts that I am a huge believer in gut instinct and sticking to my guns – My advice to any bride to be’s weighing up their options on a hen weekend would be, follow your instinct and do exactly what you want to do – it’s your hen weekend and you have to do what makes you happy and what you’ll actually enjoy – keep that in the back of your mind and you won’t go wrong!

As a final note, I just want to say a huge thanks to my sister for organising my hen whilst heavily pregnant herself and then putting the final touches on it with a newborn baby to contend with… She’s a superwoman! Huge thanks to all my chicks too for a lovely weekend… Bring on the C&C wedding!!!

Cwtch of the Week: Sam & Her Girls by Gilbert & Evans

We hope you had a fantastic time at Cwtchfest! yesterday! If you took part in any of the DIY workshops you may have met the lovely Samantha from Naturally Crafty. Sam will be back on the blog this week with another DIY post but for now here is a gorgeous group cwtch from her fabulous DIY wedding in Oldwalls, Gower which was photographed by Gilbert & Evans.

group cwtch

Do you have a gorgeous cwtch to share with us? If so email it to me at xx