Bride To Be Diaries: Graceful Bride’s Love Of Shoes

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Today Our Graceful Bride Vicky is telling us all about her love of shoes. I’m sure this is a love that we can all relate to. Take it away Vicky. The Graceful Bride Love Of Shoes! Hi, my name’s Vicky … Continue reading 

Real Wedding: Rachael & Chris’s Leopard Print and Sloe Gin Wedding by Carly Turner

Morning you beautiful lot. We are so excited about this wedding! When we get an email about a wedding with gin and leopard print we couldn’t open it up quick enough! We were not disappointed and loved the way they used the theme subtly throughout the whole day. I am sure you will fall in love with this couple and their big day just like we have. Without further ado I give you Rachael & Chris’s Leopard Print and Sloe Gin Wedding by the very talented Carly Turner.


What was your budget? 

Our approximate budget was reasonable!

How would you describe your wedding theme?

We were adamant we wanted ourselves to be visible in the day. We ran a pub in a beautiful village of Mathern near Chepstow and we also wanted to use the day as a thank you to all those who supported us there.

As we were also getting our son, Thoran, christened it was to be a celebration of our new family. Very relaxed based in the country just being us, with great food, great drinks and lots if laughs which we achieved.R&C-381

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Being surrounded by friends and family as they are spread far and wide. The closeness we felt during the brilliant church service conducted by Reverend Julian White of St Tewdrics Church, Mathern. Julian knew us and he holds very similar love of fine red wines as we do. He made the ceremony exceptional and very personal and included many laughs for all the guests to enjoy. Many guests have said the service was a great part of the day as we also got Thoran christened.R&C-529

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I knew I didn’t want the full meringue dress and I am a very eclectic dresser at heart. The main focus was comfort and to feel me!

I read an article in the Telegraph on where to find bohemian dresses and Minna Brides of London was included. The dress was ordered on line with measurements and I loved it from the moment I saw it. Simple, relaxed and beautiful. R&C-504R&C-261

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Initially I was not having bridesmaids as I felt too old. However, my beautician, Essence of Beauty in Caldicot talked to me and I then asked my two oldest friends from school.

The groom was in a quandary and asked Dean as he was the one who could provide the relaxed laughs and Evo as he had shared many years of footy and laughs and provided the sensible arm to the day!

I love leopard print and wanted us all to have the same beautiful shoes. Both Chris and Thoran had specially made bow ties from Mrs Bow Ties. R&C-186R&C-191

Why did you choose your venue?

It was a village where our son was born and we had been part of for the previous 5 years with our business. Good friends of ours own Mathern Palace and they offered us the use of their gardens which we thought was fantastic as they it the most beautiful place.R&C-620

Tell us about your photographer

Originally we were not going to bother due to budgets etc and the fact that neither of us enjoy having our photo taken. However, we finally decided to but they had to make us feel relaxed and understand what we wanted. The grooms sister was friends with Carly Turner and as soon as we met Carly we knew she was the one.R&C-182

How did the proposal happen?

We had been together for 8 years and had a 4 year old son with a very busy business to run. However, one day after many drinks the bride was dared to propose to the groom and ‘The man from Delmonte said yes’!!R&C-395

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

The night we met was the day we drank my homemade sloe gin. This was imperative it was made for the wedding favours also. Some good friends made the mead for the day. Everybody had a job to make things such as mum to bottle the gifts, step mum made the embroidered table cloths and leopard print bunting and everybody came to help set it up the day before.R&C-510R&C-427

What was your first dance & why?

We struggled on our first dance as everything the groom wanted was inappropriate!!! We finally decided on the evening on Rewind by Paulo Nutini as that’son the album we used to play when we met. R&C-795

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Not tried to have done most of the catering ourselves as it left a lot of cleaning up the next day for everyone!!!

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Do what each of you want and enjoy every moment as it goes so fast.R&C-582

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Laugh and listen with one another.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Involving everyone and tailoring it to just what we liked.R&C-604R&C-625

The Suppliers

Photographer: Carly Turner
Ceremony Venue: St Tewdrics Church in Mathern, Chepstow
Reception Venue: Mathern Palace, Mathern, Chepstow
Bride’s Dress: Minna Brides of London
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Headpiece: Minna Brides of London
Bride’s Jewellery: Monica Vinader
Groom’s Outfit: Slaters and Mrs Bow Tie
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Fairy Gothmother
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Kurt Keiger matching shoes with brides
Cake: Own cheese wheel cake
Flowers: Crownhill Nurseries, Leechpool, Caldicot
Hair: Grooms sister
Make Up: Alex Gallop of Abergavenny
Band: Don Fox Scandal
DJ: Sam Bradshaw Get Dancing
Stationery: Pretty in pink
Caterers: One Call Caterers
Any Reception Decor/Props: China white company photo booth

The Wedding Album

R&C-2 R&C-10 R&C-33 R&C-34 R&C-36 R&C-41 R&C-47 R&C-48 R&C-50 R&C-53 R&C-68 R&C-81 R&C-82 R&C-88 R&C-90 R&C-103R&C-106 R&C-116 R&C-119 R&C-121 R&C-129 R&C-135 R&C-138 R&C-144 R&C-149 R&C-151 R&C-158 R&C-161 R&C-165 R&C-167 R&C-174 R&C-177 R&C-180 R&C-182 R&C-186 R&C-191 R&C-194 R&C-221 R&C-224 R&C-231 R&C-248 R&C-252 R&C-261 R&C-285 R&C-286 R&C-295 R&C-304 R&C-359 R&C-381 R&C-387 R&C-395 R&C-396 R&C-410 R&C-411 R&C-412 R&C-418 R&C-421 R&C-427 R&C-433 R&C-436 R&C-437 R&C-441 R&C-452 R&C-458R&C-470 R&C-503 R&C-504 R&C-508 R&C-510 R&C-529 R&C-540 R&C-543 R&C-549 R&C-551 R&C-555 R&C-569 R&C-570 R&C-582 R&C-586 R&C-589 R&C-596 R&C-601 R&C-604 R&C-605 R&C-606 R&C-609 R&C-614 R&C-615 R&C-620 R&C-625 R&C-628 R&C-629 R&C-639 R&C-658 R&C-661 R&C-662 R&C-664 R&C-665 R&C-670 R&C-671 R&C-676 R&C-680 R&C-681 R&C-683 R&C-685 R&C-689 R&C-694 R&C-698 R&C-699 R&C-707 R&C-718 R&C-735 R&C-736 R&C-746 R&C-749 R&C-751 R&C-753 R&C-758 R&C-779 R&C-780 R&C-795 R&C-797 R&C-808 R&C-812

Caring For Your Wedding Headpiece

Marc Smith photography

Morning All!  Here at Cwtch The Bride we are all about inspiration and advise. Today we have a few points to think about when it comes to caring for your wedding headpiece. I hope they can be of use to … Continue reading 

Lets Hear it for the Boys: ‘The Leap of Faith’

So many brides and grooms theses days, love the reportage approach to wedding photography. Where the photographer captures the images of the day by working their weary legs off, and running around creating the Bride and Grooms Wedding Day story without anyone even noticing them there.  A lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, the posing etc, is just not for them, so this suits them down to the ground.

Then there is this bunch of lads.  At the wedding held at Caer Llan, clearly performing for the camera is in no way an issue, and it frankly resulted in Paul Marbrook capturing one of my favourite ‘Boys’ shots of all time!

Taken from Paul’s blog, here he is telling us about that gorgeous day!

Lets Hear it for the Boys: ‘The Leap of Faith’

Paul Marbrooke LHIFTB Pool Shot 1

These guys really could not have chosen a better day for their south Wales wedding.  It was late July and by the time I arrived which was pretty early the boys were already on the beers and enjoying the hot sunshine and dazzling blue pool that makes Caer Llan one of the most unique wedding venues in Wales.

One of the hottest days we had in 2014. It was the perfect day to be a Caer Llan wedding photographer and this was my second time at this wonderful venue run by the very lovely Vicky & Jake Carpenter.

Caer Llan is in Monmouthshire which has been lovingly and painstakingly restored and developed by its current owners into a fabulous wedding venue set in the heart of Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley.

For me Caer Llan is one of my favourite wedding venues in South Wales, North Wales or indeed anywhere in Wales! It really does have something for everyone from the grand rustic interiors, the lawned gardens, surrounding woods and hills, landscape views with drama and the pool. Indeed the outdoor swimming pool could quite convincingly have been in the Italian mountains on that day.

Paul Marbrooke - Lets Hear it for the boys!

I think you will agree, this is just superb! And no doubt, if you’re getting married somewhere with a pool like Caer Llan, you may be inspired to do the time! x

Bride To Be Diaries: Traditional Bride Kath’s RSVP Meltdown

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Morning you lovely lot! Today we are handing it over to our Traditional Bride Kath who is talking all about what happens when you have an RSVP meltdown.  Our Traditional Bride My wedding is just 8 little weeks away now, … Continue reading