Real Wedding: Sarah & Mathew’s Mid Wales Wedding by Rocksalt Photography

Cwtch the Bride is going to take a short break while we are all on our summer holiday (sadly not together!) but fear not when we get back we will be bigger and better than ever. We will have all new Real weddings, more style inspiration and fabulous vendors, all the gossip from Cwtchfest and a new bride to be competition. If you are a bride to be, recently married or have a fabulous story or supplier recommendation please email to register your interest in appearing on our lovely local blog.

In the meantime we are leaving you with this beautiful wedding from Cwtch the Bride favourite: Rocksalt Photography. Sarah and Mathew got married in beautiful Mid Wales with their reception in Maesmawr Hall Hotel. Sarah tells us all about it here. Math&Sar-174

What was your budget? 15,000 pounds

How would you describe your wedding theme? It was special places. The table names were sign plaques of special places to either us or friends or family. For example we had one of Accrington Stanley, my Grandad’s favourite football team. We have a few people who work in Barry so had a Barrybados table and also our favourite places we have travelled such as Rio de Janeiro and Sydney Harbour. The table plan was a couple of signposts with all the different locations. Math&Sar-198

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Having all those close friends and family altogether under one roof to share the day with laughter (they all went out of their way to make it special!).  Math&Sar-178 Math&Sar-264 Math&Sar-296

Tell us about your Wedding Dress Purchased from Timeless Elegance in Cardiff (designer Cristiano Lucci). The dress was a sweetheart top followed with a see-through material with sparkles up to the neckline. The dress was fitted to below the hips and then a slight fishtail with train. Math&Sar-167

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? 

1. one of my oldest friends (known each other since the age of 3) – we’ve always been close and have never lost touch
2. My closest and dearest friend from university who I lived with for 3 years
3. my cousin who I treat as a sister!
Math&Sar-64 Math&Sar-100They did an amazing job! Whenever I needed anything (help with veil / train etc) they were there giving me a hand and supporting me throughout the day. They also made sure everyone was ok and the day went smoothly! Math&Sar-181

Why did you choose your venue? The venue was a lovely old country house with lovely greenery around it.
The wedding co-ordinator was amazing and helped us organise prior and on the day…we didn’t have to worry about anything not running smoothly on the day!!  Math&Sar-234Math&Sar-146

How did the proposal happen? On a winter’s day surrounded by snow on top of a mountain in Mid Wales over-looking where my Taid used to own a small holding. I used to take Mathew up there when we were 18 years old (we’re now 31). Mathew proposed, we had some mulled wine from a flask and enjoyed the views of the Mid Wales countryside. Math&Sar-155

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? We were very lucky that we had so many useful friends and family who wanted to help out. A family friend baked 400 heart shaped shortbreads for our favours. Mathew made the table plaques and table planner with help from my Dad and our neighbour. Mathew’s Auntie made the cake. It was good to get as many people involved to make them feel a part of the big day – it just meant Mathew’s speech was a bit long. Math&Sar-201 Math&Sar-207 Math&Sar-209

What was your first dance & why? The first dance was ‘you and me song’ by the Wannadies. It’s just good fun, starts off quiet then explodes in the chorus. The lyrics are also very cute.  Math&Sar-166

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? No, not really….the day just flew and difficult to speak to everyone properly (just not enough hours in the day!). Math&Sar-196

Do you have any advice for future couples? To enjoy the build up and not let things get to you. The most important thing is the people that you want to share your big day with….the small things will sort themselves out. Math&Sar-152

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? To love, care, enjoy each other and lead a happy non-regretful life together as one. Math&Sar-171

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? The catch up’s with friends and family – dress shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping, pre wedding drinks the night before and of the course the HEN DO! Math&Sar-2 Math&Sar-17 Math&Sar-111 Math&Sar-149

The Suppliers

Photographer: Hannah Evans, Rocksalt Photography AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!
Wedding Planner: Lee Kendall (wedding coordinator at the venue)….he was also amazing
Ceremony Venue: Crescent Christian Centre, Newtown (Powys)
Reception Venue: Maesmawr Hall Hotel, Caersws
Bride’s Dress: Cristiano Lucci, Timeless Elegance
Bride’s Shoes: Rainbow
Bride’s Jewellery: Swarovski
Groom’s Outfit: Dyfed’s Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Family friend
Cake: Aunt
Flowers: Bizzy Lizzy’s (Llanidloes)….fantastic!
Hair: Hairevolution, Newtown…fantastic!!
Make Up: Chrissy….again fantastic!
Band: Jo90…amazing!
DJ: Jo90…amazing!
Stationery: Family friend
Transport: Celtic Travel and family friend

The Wedding Album

Math&Sar-1 Math&Sar-2 Math&Sar-5 Math&Sar-8 Math&Sar-10 Math&Sar-11 Math&Sar-12 Math&Sar-17 Math&Sar-20 Math&Sar-21 Math&Sar-29 Math&Sar-31 Math&Sar-34 Math&Sar-39 Math&Sar-42 Math&Sar-43 Math&Sar-45 Math&Sar-53 Math&Sar-57 Math&Sar-60 Math&Sar-61 Math&Sar-62 Math&Sar-64 Math&Sar-66 Math&Sar-68 Math&Sar-72 Math&Sar-73 Math&Sar-78 Math&Sar-82 Math&Sar-83 Math&Sar-85 Math&Sar-89 Math&Sar-96 Math&Sar-97 Math&Sar-99 Math&Sar-100 Math&Sar-101 Math&Sar-104 Math&Sar-106 Math&Sar-111 Math&Sar-112 Math&Sar-120 Math&Sar-126 Math&Sar-133 Math&Sar-134 Math&Sar-138 Math&Sar-142 Math&Sar-144 Math&Sar-146 Math&Sar-149 Math&Sar-152 Math&Sar-153 Math&Sar-154 Math&Sar-155 Math&Sar-157 Math&Sar-158 Math&Sar-159 Math&Sar-160 Math&Sar-161 Math&Sar-162 Math&Sar-165 Math&Sar-166 Math&Sar-167 Math&Sar-170 Math&Sar-171 Math&Sar-173 Math&Sar-174 Math&Sar-176 Math&Sar-177 Math&Sar-178 Math&Sar-179 Math&Sar-181 Math&Sar-184 Math&Sar-190 Math&Sar-193 Math&Sar-196 Math&Sar-197 Math&Sar-198 Math&Sar-201 Math&Sar-202 Math&Sar-207 Math&Sar-209 Math&Sar-212 Math&Sar-224 Math&Sar-226 Math&Sar-227 Math&Sar-234 Math&Sar-235 Math&Sar-237 Math&Sar-244 Math&Sar-249 Math&Sar-257 Math&Sar-263 Math&Sar-264 Math&Sar-281 Math&Sar-296 Math&Sar-298 Math&Sar-302

We’ll be back after a week off so make sure you come back to see the amazing posts we have lined up! In the meantime why not scour through our blog for some inspiration for planning your big day xxx

Vintage Wedding Hair by the Vintage Bride

Our Vintage Bride Sophie is back this week with a really helpful post on styling vintage wedding hair.

Vintage Wedding Hair

Hello Cwtchers!

I promised I’d be back to vintage business in my next post so let’s shimmy to it!

So you’ve decided to go vintage on your big day… just how vintage you go I will leave you to decide but a vintage or vintage-style dress definitely requires a vintage style hair do!

Firstly, you can find lots of era-specific inspiration in the Pinterest boards I put together for 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s weddings. I also wrote a series of posts on each of these eras to help and inspire you so choose a hairstyle you are happy with and then consider the following…

In the lead up to our wedding I had hoped a hairdresser friend would do my hair on the day but after a trial and a couple of failed attempts it became clear that the look I wanted wasn’t achievable without a lot of practice and some vintage-training.

At this point I was due to attend a vintage wedding fair in Swansea. I immediately spotted a lady styling hair in a corner; most vintage wedding fairs have one or two – I could stand and watch them working their magic all day. Retro hair styling is an actual art! I watched in awe as she sculpted the most immaculate victory rolls I had ever seen. She charged £10 for a trial on the day, an absolute bargain and I immediately realised that I needed her but her skills came at a price and cut backs had to be made.

When you book a vintage stylist, you are paying for training most hairdressers don’t have. The techniques used require patience and lots and lots of practice. The amount you pay is dictated by a number of factors.

Firstly it depends just how vintage you want your wedding to look. You could choose to make-over your entire bridal party or you could choose to focus on yourself. I chose to go the whole hog. I didn’t plan to marry again and styling has always been a love of mine so I thought ‘to heck with it’ and paid for myself, my four bridesmaids and my mother to be transformed into 1950s bombshells. Our hairdresser worked tirelessly from 7am through to 12pm and there wasn’t a hair out of place. I couldn’t have been happier. I wouldn’t like to say how much I paid (I did get married three years ago) but it stretched the budget and I believe it was a little pricier than a ‘modern day’ hairdresser. wedding_brecon_vintage433 b2bf7171cb4c3e16f941acb2355cb670

Secondly, the distance the hairdresser needs to travel will make a difference. This is usually the case with most wedding stylists so you are usually better off finding someone as local as possible. Vintage hair stylists are harder to come by than standard wedding stylists so you should start your search early to ensure they are available on your day and to avoid disappointment.

If you have lots of time and have a hairdresser who is willing to learn to create the look you desire then you could book in for multiple trials but in all honesty, and having spoken to various hairdressers, if a hairdresser wants your wedding booking and they can’t create the style you want, they will practice in their own time. You are not putting them out by requesting this – they will have additional skills which they can use in the future – and you shouldn’t have to pay extra. If they are not willing to do this then you are perfectly within your rights to find someone who can, so it is always worth asking!

If however, you don’t wish to spend much on hair but still want to achieve a well-rounded vintage look on your day, there are ways!

I have a copy of Style Me Vintage – Hair by Belinda Hay and highly recommend it. It is great for complete beginners and it’s a fantastic book to get you started. It is full of step-by-step guides to achieving various vintage looks from a beehive to a fifties pony tail. You could get the girls over and practice over a bottle of wine but you will need to practice a lot, and regularly, so don’t leave it to the last minute!

If books aren’t your thing, head over to YouTube. Cherry Dollface is an absolute pro. She will teach you everything you need to know, from immaculate hairstyling to perfect eyeliner flicks. She has a series of videos specifically for weddings too so not only can she teach you how to style your hair in the comfort of your own home but she will show you how to ensure your make up is applied correctly and will see you through your day. Here is the link to her YouTube channel so subscribe away!

And if you have no time to practice or it just isn’t happening for you, Mia Farrow looked incredible when she married Frank Sinatra. Just saying ;-)

Good luck and please send in your vintage wedding photos!

Love Sophie x


Featured Vendor: id&c

We have the fabulous id&c on the blog today, they are suppliers of wristbands ~ the perfect favour at a festival themed wedding ~ and they can’t wait to show you all of what they do.

Get Creative with Wristbands

So it’s finally happened, you’ve had the proposal, the engagement ring is twinkling on your finger and now you get to plan the best event anyone has ever been to!

Well, we might be just be able to help you there.

Photo credit Anna Clarke Photography

Photo credit Anna Clarke Photography

We’re a family company with more than 20 years experience supplying wristbands, VIP passes and lanyards to the crème de la crème of music festivals and events across the world (Inlcuding Cwtchfest).

Our expertise doesn’t finish there though. Brides across Britain have seized the opportunity to create their own bespoke wedding accreditation and wristband favours using our nifty online tool.

From the ultimate VIP invites to snazzy save the dates and wristband favours, we can do it all…. Actually we can do one step better; we can pantone match all your full colour print items to your colour theme and even add glitter!

And, if you’re feeling clever you can even add a QR code that links to your online guest book or shared photo area. 19

If you came along to this year’s Cwtch Fest you may have nabbed a free fabric sample. If not get in touch and we will post one out to you. Wristband4

So, what are you waiting for get online and start designing.


Real Wedding: Emma & Eurig’s 50’s Wedding by Catherine & Angharad

Emma & Eurig had a fabulous 50’s themed wedding which was captured beautifully by Catherine & Angharad. Many of you will probably recognise Emma as she is the owner of Emma Phillips Bridal Studio in Carmarthen, I can imagine how hard it must have been to choose just one dress! Emma tells us all about their gorgeous wedding here.

Lewis-534What was your budget? Roughly £12,000….although I kept adding to it the whole time!

How would you describe your wedding theme? We went for a navy & gold theme, with the dresses a nod to the 50’s. I was just very conscious of trying to make our wedding look a bit different, as we’re in the industry & see a lot of weddings! We dressed the whole room in navy chair covers with matching tablecloths, gold sequin top table & kept the lights nice & low to give it a moody feel! 

What was your favourite part of your wedding? My favourite part of the wedding was when Eurig walked down the aisle to meet me halfway. We lost both my parents recently, so I had nobody to walk me down the aisle so this was just perfect! We met with tears in our eyes and beaming smiles! I loved it :) Lewis-339

Tell us about your Wedding Dress Well, as I own a wedding dress shop, Emma Phillips Bridal, you might think its easy to choose. Far from it! I tried on pretty much everything I own, and then when we went to choose our new collections from Justin Alexander, there was this one gown on a mannequin that I thought…hmmm…thats quite lovely! The head designer Tony, pushed & pulled me into the gown, and I just literally fell in love (even though it was a tiny size 8 & didnt meet anywhere near!) It was perfect for my shape, and from then on it was plain sailing! Apart from the week before when I started on trying our new collection gowns and almost changed my mind! Lewis-154 Lewis-168 Lewis-231

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? I chose my sister Lucy, my best friends Kelly & Claire & my amazing work colleague Jess. Each of them has been with me in various stages of my life, and they are all such individual strong people & I knew they’d be perfect.  Lewis-192 Lewis-315Eurig chose his best friend Owain as his best man – the perfect mix of bossy, fun & an excellent organiser! And then his brother Hefin & friend Damian as his ushers. Lewis-258 Lewis-265

Why did you choose your venue? I have been dealing with Stradey Park Hotel for the last 5 years (professionally, not as a wedding crazy lunatic!) and we both felt so comfortable there, they allowed us to have the food that we wanted, the rooms were gorgeous, staff amazingly helpful & we couldn’t have pictured getting married anywhere else. Lewis-551 Lewis-553

Tell us about your photographer Our amazing photographers were Angharad Gwenter & Catherine Morgan (Catherine & Angharad Photography). Now I have worked with both of them on many a photoshoot & knew instantly that it was them that I wanted (Maria Farrelly was such a close second – if I could have had 3….amazing!). Luckily aswell, they really “got” us as a couple & it was just great fun.  Lewis-513 Lewis-525 Lewis-396

How did the proposal happen? If you love a good proposal story then this isn’t really one! We both just decided to “get married”! To this day he still hasn’t actually asked me to marry him! However we did go to Australia in November & chose our gorgeous rings (including my engagement ring) and decided to make up a story about how he had romantically proposed on this bridge in Melbourne under a huge array of christmas lights & gigantic mistletoe! Lewis-373

What was your first dance & why? We chose Bon Jovi “Superman Tonight” as our first dance as we were lucky enough to see them in Cardiff last year (we actually bought our tickets from our photographer Angaharad Gwenter!) and they were phenomenal & just knew that we wanted that song. Were not particularly mushy people & this was nice & rocky but was very sentimental to us. Lewis-543

Do you have any advice for future couples? Just remember that you’re getting married for yourself not for anybody else! Do things your way, don’t put yourselves under too much pressure! We actually planned our wedding in 10 weeks. Remember its about marrying the person you adore & want to spend the rest of your life with. Lewis-344 Lewis-352

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? I actually loved the whole process! The food tasting was amazing fun, and the copious wine tasting nights that we had too!  Lewis-224 Lewis-377 Lewis-407 Lewis-471

The Suppliers

Photographer: Catherine & Angharad
Videographer: Orchid Films
Ceremony Venue: English Baptist Church, Carmarthen
Reception Venue: Stradey Park Hotel
Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander from Emma Phillips Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Bride’s Headpiece: My sister Lucy handmade my headpiece
Bride’s Jewellery: Glitzy Secrets
Groom’s Outfit: Hawkes Essentials
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Handmade by our dressmaker 
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Glitzy Secrets
Cake: Heavenly Exquisite Desserts
Flowers: Blodwen
Hair: Josie’s Hair & Beauty
Make Up: Jody Amner
Band: Coverland
Any Reception Decor/Props: Dancefloor & photobooth by Ultrabooth
Transport: Top Class Cars
Other: Chair covers & tables by Christina’s Chair Covers

The Wedding Album

Lewis-108 Lewis-116 Lewis-127 Lewis-129 Lewis-131 Lewis-135 Lewis-137 Lewis-139 Lewis-140 Lewis-141 Lewis-144 Lewis-145 Lewis-147 Lewis-150 Lewis-154 Lewis-167 Lewis-168 Lewis-171 Lewis-172 Lewis-173 Lewis-174 Lewis-176 Lewis-177 Lewis-183 Lewis-184 Lewis-185 Lewis-191 Lewis-192 Lewis-214 Lewis-220 Lewis-223 Lewis-224 Lewis-226 Lewis-227 Lewis-229 Lewis-230 Lewis-231 Lewis-234 Lewis-243 Lewis-244 Lewis-249 Lewis-250 Lewis-251 Lewis-254 Lewis-258 Lewis-263 Lewis-265 Lewis-269 Lewis-275 Lewis-278 Lewis-300 Lewis-305 Lewis-311 Lewis-313 Lewis-315 Lewis-318 Lewis-322 Lewis-323 Lewis-325 Lewis-326 Lewis-337 Lewis-339 Lewis-344 Lewis-351 Lewis-352 Lewis-373 Lewis-377 Lewis-387 Lewis-394 Lewis-396 Lewis-398 Lewis-407 Lewis-418 Lewis-453 Lewis-462 Lewis-465 Lewis-470 Lewis-471 Lewis-479 Lewis-485 Lewis-490 Lewis-507 Lewis-513 Lewis-514 Lewis-525 Lewis-529 Lewis-532 Lewis-534 Lewis-543 Lewis-551 Lewis-553 Lewis-556 Lewis-558 Lewis-559 Lewis-561 Lewis-562 Lewis-580 Lewis-582 Lewis-588 Lewis-602 Lewis-620 Lewis-625

Featured Vendor: Wedding Tipi

If you are planning an outdoor wedding then this post by Wedding Tipi is for you! 

Bespoke Canvas Event Villages

Planning an outdoor event in Wales, picked the venue but not sure what to offer for the main reception or where your guests will stay after travelling to Wales?
Well, please look no further as we have the perfect solution for your bespoke event, covering main reception spaces, sumptuous Bedouin chill out lounges, luxury canvas accommodation for guests and full external lighting, generators and shower & loo blocks.
tipi village
Teaming together event accommodation provider Cariad Canvas and bespoke event tent supplier Wedding Tipi can create a design platform to build a truly awe inspiring event village for guests to enjoy throughout the weekend.
bell tent wedding village bell tent village
Think giant tipis for the meal and entertainment, a Bedouin stretch lounge for relaxing and cocktails and multiple canvas bell tents fully decorated with uber comfy Bedouin Beds, quality linens, ambient lighting & decorative internal furnishings. Surround these with our beautiful festoon light walkways, ambient uplighters, giant festival flags and rustic benches and you really do have a sight to behold.
stretch tent wedding tipi
Whether you are planning a wedding to top all others, a corporate event to showcase your brand or simply throwing a bash because you can, be assured we have it covered and will transform your venue into the ultimate party space.
stretch tent tipi bell tent village
For info on packages please email and ask for Vicki, Row or Anna who will be more than happy to help get you started.