Remembering Loved Ones by Vintage Bride Sophie

Vintage Bride Sophie is back this month with her thoughts on remembering loved ones at your wedding. Over to Sophie.

Hi lovely Cwtchers!

I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on a part of your wedding day we don’t often talk about. Ways to remember loved ones…

After the initial excitement of announcing your wedding subsides a little and thoughts turn to planning and budgets, perhaps when the dreaded table planning begins, there will come a moment when you realise that not everyone you love will be there on your special day and it isn’t easy when the realisation hits you.

One of the hardest, yet most beautiful moments of our wedding day was when Gareth took a moment to remember the people we love and are no longer with us during his speech. Here is a little extract from his speech and a photograph Maria took as he read it.

I want to toast to the loved ones that are no longer with us. I know that there are some empty places in our hearts and not just at these tables today. Soph, I know how much you would have loved an approving kiss from your Grandfather and Uncle Eric and also a warm smile for you and a disapproving look for me from your Aunt Joyce. And for me, I’m thinking of my Grandad Eirydd – or Eddie as you might have known him and my Grandad Sid. Both men taught me to live my life with a smile on my face and most importantly that learning never stops – at any age – so I know that I will be questioning everything around me until my dying day. So this toast is to the people that mean everything to us – I said there are empty places in our hearts but really our lives are richer for having had these wonderful people in them. To loved ones!

He was right, what we would have done to have them there.

Ahead of the wedding, I had already decided that I would honour my grandfather by including sweet peas in my bouquet. He used to grow them and enter them in to competitions and he was so, so proud of his garden. If he had still been with us I imagine he’d have grown all of our flowers.

I never got to meet my grandmothers but it was always clear that my mother and father would have loved me to. My bouquet was tied with lace which belonged to my mother’s mother and the room was full of crocheted doilies my father’s mother and great aunt had made.

Wherever I looked in that room, they were there.

If I have any advice it would be this… When you’re planning your wedding, make time to remember the people you hold dear. Find a special way to ensure they have their place in your day. You want them there and they would want to be there so ensure you have something; a photograph, a favourite poem, a song, something that you will see or experience on the day and think ‘Oh, there they are.’

Think about the person they were and why you loved them. Of course, you can look to Pinterest and the internet for inspiration but if you can, find your own way to remember them. I chose not to have a photo table because that would have reminded me that they weren’t there. Instead, I found ways to include them as if they were still here. My grandfather would have grown sweetpeas for me, my grandmother and great aunt would have crocheted doilies if I had asked and I would have been given lace and other pretty pieces.

Above all else, when that moment in your day comes, by all means shed a tear and have a little cry; it’s your party and you should cry if you want to. Just make sure you give them a smile. Remember that they would want you to be happy and, whether they can see you or not, they would want you to smile your biggest smile! You are marrying the person you love and I am sure they would have given anything to be there to see that. So let them.

If you feel you can share, we would love to hear how you plan to remember your loved ones or ways you have already honoured them. Perhaps you can help inspire other readers :)

I promise vintage business will resume next time!

Till then, much love,

Sophie x

Cwtch of the Week: Sara & John by Rocksalt Photography

If you missed Friday’s real wedding by Rocksalt Photography then make sure you click here to see it in all it’s glory. Welsh couple Sara & John got married in Shropshire and I love this cwtchy moment between the pair of them.


If you have a Cwtch photo you would like to share then get in touch with us at

Real Wedding: Sara & John’s Lion Quays Wedding by Rocksalt Photography

We have a gorgeous relaxed wedding for you today thanks to the lovely Hannah from Rocksalt Photography. Welsh couple John & Sara got married in Shropshire on the 29th of May and it looks like the sun shone for them all day long. Here is Sara to tell us more, with gorgeous photographs from Rocksalt Photography.


What was your budget? Roughly £10,000. Supported greatly by father of the bride.


How would you describe your wedding theme? We wanted a laid back, stress free wedding and our theme reflected this with pastel greens and pinks.


What was your favourite part of your wedding? The favourite part of our wedding was when John and I finally saw each other as I walked down the aisle. All the anticipation and build up of the wedding had finally got to this point. Once by each other’s side we both felt it was just the two of us, and all the nerves of being the centre of attention had gone. This was the best, and most important part of our wedding. John_Sara-83 John_Sara-93 John_Sara-97

Tell us about your Wedding Dress My wedding dress came from Wedding Belles at Laura’s in Llanidloes. In my mind I had the intention of buying a slim fitting full lace gown. The girls at Llanidloes helped me understand what styles suit me best, and I soon found myself trying on dresses I would never have considered. I was unable to commit to ‘the one’ and tried on more dresses in other shops, but my mind always came back to the dress in Llanidloes. John_Sara-24
I finally returned to Wedding Belles at Laura’s and purchased my dress, along with a full length veil. With the support of my Mum, Bridesmaids and help from the girls in Llanidloes I truly found the perfect dress.


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? The best man was Gideon Berends, a childhood friend of John’s. John_Sara-40
Bridesmaids were my sister Emma Jerman, my brothers girlfriend Beverley Morris and best friend Nikki Gethin. John_Sara-206 John_Sara-210

Why did you choose your venue? We chose the Lion Quays as we were looking for a venue a bit further away from home that matched our laid back and relaxed personalities. During a break away at the hotel, we met with Ruth Malone – wedding co-ordinator for a general chat and went from there. John_Sara-1 John_Sara-138 John_Sara-146

How did the proposal happen? The proposal happened at home the night before our last holiday before our baby arrived. John had intended to ask me during the holiday but feared he would loose the ring, or be caught with the ring on him before he had a chance to propose.
He went down on one knee, and I was truly gobsmacked. I found out afterwards that he had asked my Dad for my hand in marriage a few days earlier, which made it perfect. John_Sara-180

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? My Mum made homemade raspberry vodka for the favours. We bottled them in mini demijohns along with handmade labels and name tags. This was a really simple but effective idea. John_Sara-242 John_Sara-243

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was to ‘The Calling – Wherever you will go’. This song is special to our relationship and takes us back to when we first started going out with each other 10 years ago. John_Sara-183

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? There is not anything I would have done differently about our wedding. John_Sara-156

Do you have any advice for future couples? Remember it is your wedding, and make decisions that please both of you rather than other people. John_Sara-188

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? Never stop holding hands with each other. John_Sara-262

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Spending hours on Pinterest finding amazing ideas then making the ideas a reality in my meetings with wedding suppliers and organisers.

John_Sara-33 John_Sara-35 John_Sara-37 John_Sara-70 John_Sara-165 John_Sara-167 John_Sara-178

The Suppliers

Photographer: Rocksalt Photography
Wedding Planner: Ruth Malone
Ceremony Venue: Lion Quays, Oswestry
Reception Venue: Lion Quays, Oswestry
Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero – Benita from Wedding Belles at Laura’s
Bride’s Headpiece: Debenhams
Bride’s Jewellery: Debenhams
Groom’s Outfit: Peter Posh suit hire
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Ebony rose
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Debenhams
Cake: Made by the Groom’s Mum
Flowers: Bloomers
Hair: The Hair Boutique
Make Up: Claire Williams- Glo
Band: Dai Robs
DJ: Dai Robs & Rob
Any Reception Decor/Props: Elegant finishing touches

The Wedding Album

John_Sara-1 John_Sara-2 John_Sara-5 John_Sara-6 John_Sara-11 John_Sara-13 John_Sara-19 John_Sara-21 John_Sara-24 John_Sara-31 John_Sara-33 John_Sara-34 John_Sara-35 John_Sara-37 John_Sara-40 John_Sara-41 John_Sara-44 John_Sara-47 John_Sara-48 John_Sara-55 John_Sara-57 John_Sara-62 John_Sara-63 John_Sara-64 John_Sara-65 John_Sara-70 John_Sara-72 John_Sara-74 John_Sara-80 John_Sara-83 John_Sara-93 John_Sara-95 John_Sara-97 John_Sara-99 John_Sara-104 John_Sara-108 John_Sara-109 John_Sara-114 John_Sara-121 John_Sara-127 John_Sara-131 John_Sara-132 John_Sara-134 John_Sara-138 John_Sara-142 John_Sara-145 John_Sara-146 John_Sara-147 John_Sara-152 John_Sara-153 John_Sara-154 John_Sara-156 John_Sara-157 John_Sara-159 John_Sara-160 John_Sara-161 John_Sara-163 John_Sara-165 John_Sara-166 John_Sara-167 John_Sara-178 John_Sara-180 John_Sara-183 John_Sara-188 John_Sara-193 John_Sara-200 John_Sara-206 John_Sara-209 John_Sara-210 John_Sara-215 John_Sara-230 John_Sara-233 John_Sara-236 John_Sara-238 John_Sara-239 John_Sara-242 John_Sara-243 John_Sara-244 John_Sara-246 John_Sara-247 John_Sara-249 John_Sara-250 John_Sara-251 John_Sara-254 John_Sara-255 John_Sara-260 John_Sara-261 John_Sara-262 John_Sara-268 John_Sara-272 John_Sara-273 John_Sara-284 John_Sara-288 John_Sara-303 John_Sara-308 John_Sara-314 John_Sara-318 John_Sara-323 John_Sara-329 John_Sara-332

Lush List Vendor: The Vintage Look by Hilary’s Floral Design

A couple of weeks ago we introduced yo to Charlotte from Hilary’s Floral Design, one of our fabulous LUSH LIST vendors. Charlotte is back this week to talk about vintage inspired florals for your wedding. 



The Vintage Look

A popular trend for weddings this year is the shabby chic vintage look.

At Hilary’s Floral Design we have seen a big increase in the amount of our Brides asking us to create a shabby chic, vintage look this year for their wedding flowers, as this trend is hugely popular in all the bridal magazines, blogs and social media.

For most Brides, the vintage look involves lace, hessian, jam jars, bunting, wood slices and props, such as ladders, picture frames and bird cages.  All of which can be decorated with vintage styled flowers and foliages to finish off the look. 3.jpg

A Soft pastel colour palette is the main theme to the vintage look, and there are plenty of flowers to choose from when planning your vintage wedding day. Popular colour combinations are either soft peach, ivory and dove greys, or pale blush pinks, lilacs and creams,

Beautiful flowers such as Astrantia, Wax flower, Astilbe, Gypsophilia, Lisianthus, Spray roses, Peonies, Lavender, Stocks, Sweet Williams, Sweet Peas, Nigella, Roses to name but a few.

What’s the most popular choice for vintage table flowers?

The most popular choice amongst most of our Brides at Hilary’s Floral Design, is to have a collection of jam jars mounted on a wood slice. This is such a pretty look, as we always correspond the flower selection with the Bridal flowers, so that you have continuity from Bridal flowers through to Venue flowers. A popular choice is to also decorate the jars with lace, hessian or floral patterned ribbon. 2.jpg5.jpg

What flowers are best for my vintage bridal bouquet?

When it comes to creating a vintage styled bridal bouquet, you need to go for a loose and relaxed styled bouquet. A bouquet with a tight domed shape is too neat and not quite that shabby chic , vintage look. So we would suggest having a mix of flowers and foliages such as Ammi, wax flower, astilbe, roses or peonies, stocks, Scabious, clematis, eucalyptus, Skimmia, perhaps lavender, rosemary or Sweet peas, lots of different textures and depths of colour. You want the bouquet to be loose and informal, but not too loose that it turns into a wild meadow/ country styled bouquet. And the finishing touch would be to have the stems banded with lace or hessian ribbon, or perhaps a vintage broach or pins. 9.jpg 4.jpg7.jpg 6.jpg

Charlotte Cooke,

Hilary’s Floral Design

01873 853086

Midweek Mini: A Missing Memory by Kate

Sometimes on your wedding day things don’t go completely as hoped. Here is Kate to tell you about her missing memory. All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.

A good memory!

A good memory!

I would love to write to you about my favourite memory. There are loads of beautiful moments that stand out in my mind. What I’m writing about is not one of those.
Tortworth_Court_wedding0581 Just before I got married, the registrar had a chat with me. Now being in the business I have often been in the room when this happens so it wasn’t something that I was particularly worried about. The problem was that this casual chat that I had witnessed didn’t happen for me. The chat ended up being a formal 20 minute meeting that completely threw me. So much so that the wedding coordinator even asked me what was wrong.
Tortworth_Court_wedding064 I had my very talented friend play the guitar as I walked down the aisle. I was standing in the doorway ready to enter and I was so thrown by the registrar’s interrogation that my mind went blank. Tortworth_Court_wedding073So this is where I tell you about my memory. Well this is where I tell about my lack of memory. I honestly have no recollection of walking down the aisle. I can’t remember seeing my husband standing at the top of the aisle. I can’t remember my dad proudly holding my hand. I can’t remember seeing all of my friends faces.

Tortworth_Court_wedding065 Tortworth_Court_wedding066 I wish I could say I was okay with this but it’s not the case. I’m really upset that this has happened but it is what it is. I have so many happy memories from the day but this unfortunately is the only one that eludes me.

Tortworth_Court_wedding071The chances are you won’t remember the whole day, but as you can see I am so lucky to have these beautiful images and an amazing video to fill the gaps. I can’t stress the value of these amazing people enough, massive thanks to Maria Farrelly for these photos and Apricot Tree Wedding Photography & Film for my video.

And even if some things don’t quite go to plan, as long as you end up married to your best friend you will still have the best day.


If you missed Kate & Sean’s full wedding then make sure you check out the whole STUNNING wedding day here.